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Perth is a great place to live, but sometimes we all need a break from city life. Luckily there are many great possibilities for weekend getaways from Perth. Below you will find some of the best locations for a 2 day escape, whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, romance, or a little of each.

Weekend Getaways from Perth – 10 Amazing Destinations For Your Next Weekend Escape

Escape to Rottnest on a weekend getaway from Perth

Escape to Rottnest Island on a weekend getaway from Perth

Wave Rock and Hyden

weekend getaways from perth - wave rock

Highlights: Wave Rock, Hippo’s Yawn, Aboriginal Rock Art in Mulka’s Cave, Wildlife Park

Distance: 330km from Perth (3hr 45min by car).

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Wave Rock is spring as you will see the wildflowers in full bloom. However you can visit year round with mostly mild weather and a low number of rainy days in winter.

►See our Perth to Wave Rock road trip guide to plan your perfect weekend getaway.

Why Wave Rock and Hyden make an amazing weekend getaway from Perth:

Wave Rock is one of the quintessential icons of Western Australia. It’s a great place to have a weekend getaway from Perth, whilst also getting to see a classic Western Australian landmark.

Wave Rock is a spectacular sight and photos don’t really do justice to the feeling of walking beneath this huge structure. The sunrise hours light up the face of the wave with beautiful golden light. This provides a vision that is not soon forgotten.

Mulka's Cave, Hyden WA

See the fascinating aboriginal hand prints and artwork inside Mulka’s Cave

In this area you will find a number of other interesting attractions. First is a pioneer museum with a large collection of machines and household items from the days of settlement.

There is also a small wildlife park with an impressive collection of native animals, a lace museum and a miniature soldiers museum. These are in the same building as Wave Rock Café. All of these attractions can be bought together on one discounted ticket for $20.

In town you will find a small art installation with figures constructed out of scrap metal. Commissioned to celebrate aspects of Hyden’s history and community. There are several accommodation options depending on whether you want to stay in town or close to the wave. See below for details of our top picks.

Pioneer town- Hyden Western Australia

Pioneer Town, Hyden

Accommodation at Wave Rock/Hyden

Wave Rock Resort/Caravan Park – If you want to stay right where the action is then this is the place. The resort offers self-contained lakeside cabins within the Wave Rock area. On the same site you can also book a caravan park/camping which is walking distance from Wave Rock.

Wave Rock Country Cottage – This self-contained accommodation features three bedrooms and a well-appointed kitchen, making it perfect for a family or a romantic getaway. It is furnished to a high standard and features beautiful hardwood floors.

There is also an Australian themed bungalow and a campsite available to book, see website for further details.

Recommended tours of Wave Rock/Hyden

2-Day Wave Rock, York, Wildflowers & Aboriginal Experience – Wave Rock is a fairly long drive from Perth, cut out the hassle with this perfect 2 day trip. You’ll see all the highlights, with hotel pickup, meals and accommodation included.

Busselton and Dunsborough

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty on a calm morning

Highlights: Ngilgi Cave, Busselton Jetty and Underwater Observatory, Stunning Beaches, Beautiful Wineries

Distance: From Perth it is 222km (2hr 25min by car) to Busselton. It’s an additional 24km to reach Dunsborough.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Dunsborough/Busselton is summer as this region is home to some of the best beaches in WA. It can get cold down in this region and there are quite a few rainy days during winter and spring. The bumper period at either end of summer can still have some really nice weather however, so keep an eye on the forecast.

►See our Perth to Busselton road trip guide to plan your perfect weekend getaway.

Why you should plan a weekend getaway to Busselton and Dunsborough:

Western Australians are blessed to have so many beautiful and laid-back towns only a short drive from the capital. Busselton and Dunsborough are perfectly located for weekend getaways from Perth and have so much to see and do.

You’ll have no problem filling your days with great sights and activities if that’s what you wish. For relaxation and indulgence, you’ll find exactly what you need at the surrounding beaches and wineries.

The two towns are close together so you can stay in either and still take in all the surrounding sights.

weekend getaways from Perth - Busselton and Dunsborough

Exploring the amazing Ngilgi Cave


The main attraction in Busselton is the 1.8km long jetty that stretches out into the beautiful clear waters of the Indian Ocean. You can see fish swimming to either side and perhaps even spot a dolphin. Given the length you might want to jump aboard the solar-powered train that runs the length of the jetty.

At the end you will find a unique underwater observatory, being one of only a small handful in the world. Diving trips around the jetty can also be booked with one of the operators in town. There is a surprising amount of sea life to see around the pylons of the jetty.

The beach is quite beautiful and you could easily spend half a day here. There are many seafront kiosks, bars and restaurants along the promenade. Within the town you might visit the cultural centre, with a museum and an old gaol/courthouse. Whale watching tours operate from September to December. Other sailing tours are available through the summer months.

You can also base yourself in Busselton whilst still enjoying the fantastic wine region to the south. See the recommended tours at the end of this section.

weekend trip from perth - busselton

Plenty of colourful sea life under the jetty


The small town of Dunsborough is the gateway to the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. The rugged and beautiful coastline that surrounds the peninsula is full of both tranquil bays and dramatic cliffs.

Here you can find the perfect beach to hide away on and spend your weekend away from Perth in pure relaxation. Bunker Bay is the most northern on the sheltered side of the peninsula and features a fantastic beachside bar/restaurant. Eagle Bay beach is long and easy to find your own nice open spot on the sand. My favourites however are the smaller bays of Meelup Beach and Castle Rock beach, further to the south.

Heading down the road towards Eagle Bay, you will find Eagle Bay Brewing and Wise Wine. They both feature fantastic grounds with stunning ocean views, delicious food and locally produced craft beer and/or wine. Having lunch at one of these spots will be a highlight of your weekend getaway from Perth.

sugarloaf rock dunsborough

Sugarloaf Rock

A drive to the end of the peninsula takes you to a quaint little lighthouse guarding the rocky shore. There is also a balcony offering views over the ocean. You can sometimes see whales during the migratory season.

On the way back to town you can visit Sugarloaf Rock. The lookout here has great views of the huge rock and the nearby bay. Keep an eye out for dolphins which can often be spotted frolicking in the bay. 

Heading a short distance to the south-west of town you’ll find Ngilgi Cave. This fun caving experience is well developed with lighting and a walking platform. Descend deep underground, down ladders and tunnels and through huge caverns. You can view amazing and ancient mineral formations all along the way.

weekend away perth - dunsborough

Don’t miss Meelup Beach!

Accommodation in Busselton and Dunsborough

Pullman Bunker Bay Resort Margaret River – Totally confusing name as this is definitely in Dunsborough! Located right on Bunker Bay, they’ve combined the most beautiful beach with the most beautiful accommodation. This is an amazing place for a romantic getaway from Perth.

Fairlawn Estate – If you prefer to stay in Busselton then this is a really classy option. It’s a little outside the main town but you get beautiful décor and gardens to relax in after all the sightseeing.

We usually prefer to stay in Dunsborough due to the laid back vibes and great beaches. Busselton has several great beachside caravan parks for those with kids and tents/caravans.

Recommended tours in Busselton and Dunsborough

Busselton Whale Watching Eco Tour – During whale season from June to early December, seeing these majestic giants is a must-do activity.

Margaret River Wine and Sights Discovery Tour from Busselton or Dunsborough – You can still enjoy the amazing Margaret River wine region while reducing your drive time with a base in Busselton or Dunsborough.

Full Day Winery and Brewery Tour in a Classic Silver Spirit Rolls Royce – This is the perfect idea for a romantic getaway from Perth. You’re only here for a weekend so treat yourself!

Lancelin and The Pinnacles

lancelin sand dunes

The huge sand dunes of Lancelin

Highlights: The otherworldly landscape of the Pinnacles, quad-biking and sand-boarding massive dunes, beach-side beer gardens

Distance: From Perth to Lancelin the distance is 126km which takes 1hr 25min to reach by car. It’s an additional 77km to reach The Pinnacles.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Lancelin and the Pinnacles is early and late summer and the bumper period at either end. The dunes can get really hot in the middle of summer but you can still have a great trip if you keep to the early or late hours.

The Pinnacles can be visited at any time as you can drive around the desert in your car, as long as it isn’t pouring rain you’ll have a good time!

►Thinking of planning a road trip? Lancelin and the Pinnacles are included in our epic 10-day Perth to Exmouth road trip itinerary.

Why Lancelin and the Pinnacles make the perfect weekend getaway from Perth:

Lancelin is the perfect town to base yourself for a trip to the Pinnacles. While Cervantes is closer and advertised as the gateway to the Pinnacles, we found that Lancelin has a lot more to offer.

The main highlight of a trip to Lancelin are the huge sand dunes right at the edge of town. Photos can’t capture how amazing it is to stand at the edge of the high dunes looking down the steep unbroken slope. Of course they also don’t capture how much fun it is to jump, slide and tumble down said slope!

weekend trip from Perth - Pinnacles

A section of the Pinnacles Desert

A hire company near the entrance rents out sandboards, motorbikes and buggies to explore the dunes. You can also rent boards at some other places in town and then drive yourself right up to the dune. Check out the recommended tours for the easiest way to organise an adventure on the dunes.

The town also features some beautiful coastline with opportunities for surfing and windsurfing. Another highlight is one of W.A’s best beer gardens. Part of the Endeavour Tavern, this garden sits right on the ocean front with perfect sunset views. There is another beautiful beer garden at the Dunes Restaurant, part of the Lancelin Beach Hotel.

A half-day trip from Lancelin will take you around the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park. This strange landscape is so unique and interesting. You can drive around a marked track with a 2WD vehicle, with many places to pull over and explore on foot.

Entrance to the Pinnacles by the standard national park entry fees. This would be covered by a W.A. Parks Pass, which we highly recommend getting if you are travelling a lot in W.A.

weekend getaways from perth - lancelin

The awesome beer garden at Endeavour Tavern

Accommodation in Lancelin

Lancelin YHA – This funky place is technically a hostel however they also have clean and pleasant private rooms. It’s right in town, has a pool and offers sandboard/kayak hire.

Lancelin Beach Hotel – Very nice rooms, fantastic beachside location and amazing ocean view beer garden. This place is prefect if you just want to relax in the evening after a long day of exploration.

Recommended tours to Lancelin and the Pinnacles 

Buggy, Quad Bike, Motocross and Sandboard Tour – This is the ultimate Lancelin experience. Admiring the dunes from a distance is great, but racing all over them with an off-road vehicle makes the best memories.

Pinnacles Desert, Koalas and Sandboarding 4WD Day Tour from Perth – This tour is perfect if you’re short on time or don’t want to spend the night in Lancelin. It fits all the highlights into one day and even includes a visit to see some koalas!

Mandurah and Rockingham

Weekend away from perth - mandurah

Dolphin Quay

Highlights: Kayaking the canals, Dolphin Quay, Ancient Thrombolites, Boutique Wineries, Penguin Island, Seals and Dolphins.

Distance: From Perth it is only 71km (55min by car) to Mandurah. Rockingham can be visited en-route as you return to Perth.

Best Time to Visit: A lot of the activities listed below are on the water or outdoors. The weather can be nice at any time of year but if you want to get wet then summer is going to be the ideal time to visit Mandurah and Rockingham. Penguin Island also closes over winter for the breeding season.

Why Mandurah and Rockingham are a perfect weekend escape from Perth:

These destinations sometimes get overlooked as weekend getaways from Perth, simply because they are so close to the city. This is actually the best part of planning a weekend here, as you can maximise your time exploring or relaxing.

You don’t have to visit Rockingham if you just want to relax and kick back, but seeing the amazing sea life here will add a lot to your trip.

Mandurah Canal Boating

Rent your own boat to explore the canals


The most unique aspect of Mandurah is the many canals lining the estuary which runs through the town. You want to make sure you plan your stay to be on or near the canals to make the most of this. Check out our recommended accommodation for the best locations to stay.

The focus of this pretty canal vibe is Dolphin Quay and the Eastern Foreshore area. Here you will find many restaurants, bars and shops to enjoy the relaxed canal-side vibe. Check out the Oceanic Bar and Grill or Catch 22 Tapas & Cocktail Lounge for some of the nicest spots to enjoy a sunset meal/drink.

There are several places to hire kayaks and even motor boats to explore the canals and view the beautiful houses lining them. If you travel down the estuary to Collins Pool you can often spot dolphins playing and chasing boats. Check this website to book your boat hire beforehand.

short break from perth - mandurah

Lake Clifton Thrombolites at sunset

If you head a little out of town, there are a number of small independent wineries that make for a good visit. They often produce small batches that are hard to find in stores. You’ll be able to find some unique wines to show off to your friends.

Visit the Lake Clifton Thrombolites to learn about the history of these extremely old organisms. They were some of the first life on Earth and are responsible for producing the oxygen that allowed other life to develop.


Rockingham has some stunning beaches and the focus here is getting out on the water. The major highlight is Penguin Island which is only a short distance off the coast and is accessed by a 5min ferry ride which departs hourly.

There are penguin feedings, dolphin cruises, sea lions and you can even swim with the dolphins as part of an organised adventure. The best way to enjoy these things is by booking a tailored experience. See below for our top recommendations.

Kayak around the beautiful waters of the Shoalwater Marine Park

You can also hire kayaks and self-guide around the island and outlying rocks. You’ll get some good exercise whilst also seeing plenty of sea life. Inquisitive sea lions and dolphins will often approach close by as you paddle around.

You can head out to Point Peron on your way home for a short walk to check out the gun battery and memorial park. There are interesting rock formations around the coast and a nice lookout with great views over the ocean.

See the cute penguins in Rockingham

Accommodation in Mandurah

Seashells Mandurah – This is where we always try to stay in Mandurah. The beautiful rooms are in the perfect location, right near Dolphin Quay. You’ll be near all the best dining options and have amazing sunset views.

Mandurah Ocean Marina Chalets – A great option for those travelling with kids and wanting an extra bedroom. You can rent a whole chalet and still be right in between Dolphin Quay and the foreshore restaurant strip.

Recommended tours in Mandurah and Rockingham

Mandurah Dolphin and Scenic Marine Cruise – You can hire your own kayak or small boat quite easily in Mandurah however save the hassle and book this tour to see all the top spots around the estuary. If you have kids, you might consider the Pirate Ship Lunch Cruise instead. This fun cruise is on a pirate themed ship and covers the same sightseeing areas as above, with lunch included!

Wineries and Scenic Drive Full Day Tour – The Ferguson Valley is the local wine region here and has some beautiful boutique wineries to explore. Taste some local wine on this tour, as well as seeing some interesting sights like the Lake Clifton Thrombolites.

Margaret River

Beautiful scenes of Margaret River

Highlights: Amazing wineries, beautiful coastline, exploring ancient caves and tranquil forest retreats.

Distance: 270km from Perth (3hr by car).

Best Time to Visit: Any time of year can be nice to visit Margaret River, depending on the goal of your trip. Summer will be best for beaches and hikes, while in winter you can enjoy lush forest retreats and fireplaces. Spring and Autumn can offer wildflower viewing and beautiful vineyard colours respectively.

Why you should plan a weekend getaway from Perth to Margaret River:

The town of Margaret River tends to be a favourite weekend trip from Perth for most locals. The town is very well set up for tourism and offers a huge array of world-class wineries and interesting attractions

A lot of people visit for the wineries of course, being a top Australian region known all over the world. There are several companies who offer winery tours of varying length. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the Margaret River wine region safely and stress free.

See below for our top recommendations and make sure to read our post on the top-rated Margaret River wine tours to help you choose the best tour.

weekend getaways from perth

Driving the beautiful Caves Rd in Margaret River

For the outdoorsy and active people, this is one of the top surfing spots in the world, hosting a leg of the surfing World Championship Tour. If you time your trip right you can watch the best surfers in the world doing their thing. There is also the opportunity to learn to surf, with lessons available at some of the more approachable beaches.

Beaches are something that Margaret River has an abundance of. You’ll be able to find a beach to suit every need, whether you’re looking for surf, calm lagoons or sheltered bays for sunbathing. Check out this link to see a list of the region’s best beaches.

The other top attraction in this area are the many ancient limestone caves, dating back over 1 million years. You can view the beautiful crystal formations and huge caverns from well designed walkways in several caves.

If that isn’t enough to fill your trip then there are plenty of beautiful forest and coastal hikes. There are also lighthouses to visit, mountain bike trails, fishing and interactive animal farms for the kids.

Learn to surf in Margaret River

Accommodation in Margaret River

Riverglen Chalets – I am a sucker for a beautiful chalet in a forest. Staying in a place like this is one of the highlights of visiting the Margaret River region.

Studio Guest Suites – This amazing guest house features themed rooms with period furnishings. A weekend getaway from Perth should mean treating yourself and enjoying a fantastic stay like this!

Recommended tours in Margaret River

Premium Full Day Wine Tour – Margaret River is all about touring the stunning wineries and tasting world-class wine. If you’re into wine and want the best and most classy experience then this is where you should book.

Wine For Dudes – This is a super fun tour for those who love the taste of wine but prefer a more relaxed and informal experience. You’ll still taste top notch wine and even get a chance to try blending your own!

Margaret River Wine Adventure – This tour is less about the wineries and more about having an adventure in the beautiful surrounds of Margaret River. You’ll be 4WDing, kayaking and walking to earn that gourmet lunch and wine.

Margaret River Private Surf Lesson – Margaret River is famous for it’s surf beaches and is the perfect place to learn this fun hobby.

Rottnest Island

Short break from perth - rottnest island

A stunning view looking out over the Basin

Highlights: Stunning beaches, laid back island vibes, cycling and of course the cute quokkas!

Distance: Ferries depart from B-Shed and Northport in Fremantle, taking 30mins to reach Rottnest. There is also a ferry from Barrack St Jetty in Perth which travels via Fremantle and takes about 2 hours.

Best Time to Visit: Summer is definitely the best time to visit Rottnest on a weekend trip from Perth. This island is all about sun, sand and sea so you’ll want nice hot days to make the most of your time.

Why Rottnest Island is the perfect romantic weekend getaway from Perth:

Perth has it’s very own tranquil, laid back island paradise just 30mins off the coast! You can see Rottnest Island in a day trip from Perth, but to experience the best of it you should plan a weekend away.

The most popular thing to do on Rottnest Island is hunting for the perfect beach to spend the day. The island is surrounded by stunning turquoise bays that get less and less busy the further you travel from town. A shuttle bus circles the island but the most popular way to explore is by renting a bike or bringing your own.

Weekend escape from Perth - Rottnest

The cutest animals in Australia

As you walk and cycle around you will unavoidably run in to the island’s other top highlight. The super cute quokkas that inhabit the island are tame and happily hop around, paying no mind to all the people. Take a selfie but make sure not to touch or interfere with them in any way as this can cause them harm (and also result in a hefty fine from a local ranger).

There are some great beachfront restaurants/bars to eat and drink in around the town area. Rottnest puts on some amazing sunsets so you want to be situated on a comfy chair with a drink in hand when the time comes around. Pinky’s Beach Club is my top recommendation for sunset cocktails! 

There are many historical sights and other interesting things to find around the island. The lighthouses and the church make particularly nice photo ops (if you ever get bored of shooting the brilliant blue water!).

Pinky Beach, Rottnest Island

Pinky Beach

Accommodation on Rottnest Island

Karma Rottnest – We have stayed here several times and are never disappointed. They have a luggage room to store your things so you can spend the whole second day exploring without worry.

Discovery Rottnest Island – A relative newcomer on Rottnest that rapidly rose in popularity. This is glamping with emphasis on the glam. They have probably the best beer garden on Rottnest with views of the lighthouse and beach.

The Rottnest Island Authority – also manages a camping area and many basic cabins on the island. These are not as nice as the above options, however they are great for large groups and families.

Recommended tours of Rottnest Island 

Rottnest Island with Bike Hire from Perth or Fremantle – Book your ferry and bike hire in advance to skip the line and have your bike waiting for you when you arrive. Driving to Fremantle and parking at the terminal is the cheaper option.

Rottnest Island Snorkel and Sail Get taken to all the most beautiful spots around the island, including the best snorkelling sites. This island is even more beautiful when admired from the water.

Rottnest Island Grand Tour Including Lunch and Historical Train Ride – Tick off all the top sights on the island while learning about its history. A great option for those with reduced mobility or who just don’t like cycling.


stockton lake collie

You can camp right next to Stockton Lake

Highlights: Stockton Lake, Wellington Dam, Rail Heritage Centre, Collie Mural Trail, Replica Underground Mine

Distance: From Perth it is 200km (2hr 10min by car) to Collie.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Collie is late spring to early autumn. There can be nice weather year round here so keep an eye on the forecast. You definitely need a sunny day to make the most of the blue lakes however.

Why you should plan a weekend getaway from Perth to Collie:

The first introduction you will have to Collie is during the drive itself. The coastal highway driving south is pleasant however when you turn off to drive inland to Collie it gets really special. The lush rolling hills, farmlands and forests start to relax your mind before you’ve even arrived.

Most people first hear of Collie because of the spectacular blue lakes. There are two lakes which are both worth visiting due to differences in colour and scenery. They are both easily accessed just off the highway and can be found by entering their names in google maps.

black diamond lake collie

Black Diamond Lake looking glassy

Stockton Lake is the largest and most blue of the two. A highlight of this lake is that you can camp right next to it. This is one of the best campsites near Perth and well worth a weekend getaway.

Black Diamond Lake is smaller and has more of a green tinge, it is more sheltered however so you can get a beautiful mirror effect on the water.

These lakes won’t take all day to see but that’s ok because there is a lot more to do in Collie. The other top highlight that you won’t want to miss is the huge Wellington Dam mural. This huge mural has been painted as part of the Collie Mural Trail, the others can be located all around town using this map.

The awesome mural covering Wellington Dam

That will probably be enough to tire out most people for the day. A great way to spend the evening is with dinner at one of the historical pubs in town. Check out the Colliefields Hotel for a great country pub meal in nice surrounds.

In the morning you can see some of the sights around town. Kids love the old steam engines in the town centre that you can play on. There’s also an old tank outside the RSL sub-branch. The Collie Rail Heritage Centre has some further displays and a model railway.

Another great experience in Collie is the replica underground coal mine. Here you can take a tour with retired miners and learn about some of the challenges and dangers faced. You can also get some great pictures in the tunnel!

Steam engines in Collie town centre

On the way back to Perth you can stop in for lunch at the Harris River Estate which is just outside Collie. Your drive back to Perth actually takes you through a main stretch of the Peel wine region. There are many wineries and craft breweries to visit should you choose.

Accommodation in Collie

Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast – The rooms here are beautifully decorated and the perfect place to relax after a long day. The included breakfast will get you going with minimal hassle in the morning.

Banksia Motel Collie – This is a classic motel experience. The rooms are fairly standard but very clean and with comfortable beds. There is an outdoor pool for those hot summer evenings and it is right in the town centre.

Long Weekend Getaways From Perth

There are some fantastic destinations that are just a little too far for a 2 day weekend. Luckily we are blessed with several long weekends throughout the year. Below you will find 3 amazing ideas for a long weekend getaway from Perth.


Albany W.A town hall

The old town hall in Albany W.A

Highlights: Torndirrup National Park, The National Anzac Centre, Castle Rock, Amazing Beaches

Distance: From Perth it is 418km (4hr 50min by car) to Albany. For a short getaway some people prefer to fly and hire a car. REX operates flights to Albany on most days, the price is usually between $200 and $300 return.

If you fly then you will need to hire a car to make the most of your time in Albany. The easiest way to do that is head over to this car rental website and browse from a wide selection of providers.

Best Time to Visit: Albany has a very different climate from Perth. It is significantly cooler and wetter, especially during winter and spring. Summer is definitely the best time to visit but early autumn can be really nice as well.

Why Albany makes a perfect long weekend getaway from Perth:

Albany is a beautiful historical town at the far southern point of Western Australia. It is a really pleasant town to spend a long weekend relaxing but if you like to fill your time with activities then you also won’t be disappointed.

The Gap, Albany Western Australia

The Gap in Torndirrup National Park

If your constitution leans more towards the relaxing side of the spectrum then you will prefer to mostly stay near town. There is still plenty to do in short drives or even walks from the town centre. The major highlight in town is the National Anzac Centre, this is located in the grounds of the Princess Royal Fortress. Both can be explored in a couple of hours and you can park right at the centre.

Also in town is the replica Brig Amity, the ship that established the first settlement in Western Australia (yep it’s Albany not Perth!). This is located in the museum grounds where you can visit this nice smaller museum and the old gaol. You don’t have to go far for nice beaches, Middleton Beach is the main one here and the Ellen Cove Boardwalks starts here and is a beautiful scenic walk.

long weekend getaways from perth - albany

Replica of the historic Brig Amity

Across the harbour from the town centre is the stunning Torndirrup National Park. This is where you will find the famous Albany Gap and Natural Bridge. These are must-see highlights in Albany and whilst there you can also check out the windfarm and Whaleworld Museum. For some great exercise there are several hikes around the national park.

If you are flying through all of the things to see near town then you can start to explore further afield. One of the best highlights outside town is Two Peoples Bay. Here you will find pristine white sand beaches with amazing water. For some exercise and amazing views you can’t miss the Castle Rock hike and lookout.

The National Anzac Centre

I can’t possibly cover everything to do in this short section so make sure you check out this list of all the best things to do in Albany. If you have some extra time then consider taking a 5 day road-trip to Albany so you can see everything.

Accommodation in Albany

Dolphin Lodge – Located between the town centre and Middleton Beach, these self-contained apartments give you the best of both worlds.

Evelyn House – This restored historical cottage is beautiful accoutred and located right in town. The perfect place for a cozy long weekend getaway from Perth.

Recommended tours in Albany

Albany History and Highlights Tour – Spend a half-day discovering all of the top historical spots in Albany. Hotel pickup as well as snacks, tea and coffee is included. This is the perfect introduction to Albany for first-time visitors.

Kalgan River Wildlife Cruise – Cruise the scenic Kalgan River and learn about some of Albany’s history while seeing all sorts of native wildlife.

Castle Rock and Porongurup Tour – This day trip will guide you up to the spectacular Granite Skywalk in the Porongurups. Afterwards you can enjoy a delicious lunch and tasting at one of the top wineries in the area.


long weekend getaways from perth - denmark

Elephant Rocks in Denmark

Highlights: Greens Pool Beach and Elephant Rocks, Amazing Wineries, Valley of the Giants, Holding Snakes

Distance: From Perth it is 421km (4hr 46min by car) to Denmark.

Best Time to Visit: Denmark has a cool and wet climate so your best chance for good weather will be in summer. You can however visit in any season as Denmark is perfect for romantic weekends spent at cellar doors and in front of the fire. Autumn features some spectacular colours on the vineyards and Spring is perfect for forest walks among beautiful wildflowers.

Why Denmark is an amazing choice for a long weekend getaway:

The pretty little town of Denmark is always my first recommendation for a romantic long weekend escape from the city. The lush forested surrounds are interspersed with undulating vineyards and beautiful cellar doors. Luxury accommodation options abound and a warm log fire is never far away.

Denmark is a part of the Great Southern wine region and makes some of the regions best wine. There are a lot of beautifully presented cellar doors with lush surrounds. One of these locations that you simply can’t miss is The Lake House. A lunch platter overlooking the lake and colourful gardens is a real highlight.

Tree Tops Walk in Denmark Western Australia

The awesome tree top walk near Denmark

To build up that appetite for lunch you should spend the morning checking out the picture perfect beaches of William Bay National Park. Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks are the most popular. Both are sheltered and perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

On a long weekend trip you’ll have plenty of time to take a short scenic drive to nearby Walpole. Here you’ll find the Valley of the Giants and Treetop Walk. This area feature huge old trees and stunning forest surrounds. There is a walkway built high in the treetops where you can enjoy fantastic views of the forest canopy.

On the way back to town check out the Denmark Dinosaur World. This small animal park is named after the model dinosaurs they have on display, but the real highlight is the reptile handling. At set times the staff bring out a couple of large snakes that you can hold and pose for photos!

Holding a python at the Denmark Dinosaur World

There are several other sites you can see in and around Denmark. There are also some great options for stops and detours on the way back to Perth. Check out this perfect 3 day itinerary for a trip to Denmark from Perth.

Accommodation in Denmark

Ark of Denmark – This amazing accommodation is perched on a granite outcrop amidst beautiful forest. It’s hard to say which is more spectacular, the views or the building itself!

Chimes Spa Retreat – For the couple looking for a romantic getaway from Perth, this is the place. The rooms have spa baths and forest views and there is a lovely pool surrounded by ferns.


Top of the Bicentennial Tree at sunset

Highlights: Climbing the Gloucester and Bicentennial Trees, Yeagarup Dunes, Pemberton Tramway, Delicious Wine

Distance: From Perth it is 323km (3hr 40min by car) to Pemberton.

Best Time to Visit: A lot of the attractions here involve being outdoors so summer is the best time to visit. Early Autumn also generally has nice weather but will be a little cooler.

Why you should visit Pemberton on a long weekend getaway:

Pemberton is another of Western Australia’s perfect little country towns. Traditionally a logging town, there are sustained efforts to now preserve the forests for tourism. This is the place to go if you want to spend some time in stunning forest surrounds with amazing wineries at your doorstep.

There are several ways to enjoy the beauty of Pemberton’s forests, the easiest of which is driving the Karri Forest Explorer route. You simply follow the signs from the town centre and it will take you past a lot of the top attractions in the area.

Hop in for a swim at the Pemberton Pool

Another great way to see the forest is the Pemberton Tramway. This historic tram line takes you on a loop through some of the pristine forest around town. You also get to stop at the Cascades, which is a pleasant area of small waterfalls.

My personal favourite highlight is climbing one of the huge fire-lookout trees. They are no longer used for this purpose but you can still climb to the huts at the top for the most amazing views of the forest canopy. The Gloucester Tree is right in town and the Bicentennial Tree is a short drive away.

The forest explorer route doesn’t include the Yeagarup Dunes so you will need to make a detour to see these. It is an unsealed road but in good condition, there is a parking lot where you can walk out to the dunes. If you have a good 4WD you can drive to the base of the dunes or even over the top of them!

The amazing Yeagarup Dunes just outside of Pemberton

Make sure to check out at least one of Pemberton’s high quality wineries. They are mostly along the scenic Channybearup Rd and bookings are generally advised. Hidden River Estate has a fantastic restaurant if you are looking for somewhere to have a scenic lunch.

Accommodation in Pemberton

RAC Karri Valley Resort – This super scenic accommodation is situated on a riverbank in the midst of beautiful Karri forest. It perfectly reflects the overall vibe of Pemberton.

Mudstone Suites – This place screams romance and relaxation. Surrounded by dense forest that you can take in from your hot tub or the on site sauna. The rooms are beautiful and the location is perfect for accessing some of the top highlights.

Recommended tours in Pemberton

Half-Day Pemberton National Parks Beach and Forest Eco Adventure – Take away the hassle of driving and learn some of the region’s history. This 4WD tour will take you through the best areas of forest and onto the amazing Yeagarup Dunes plus more.

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