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Perth is blessed with great weather for most of the year, so what better place to get out and stretch your legs. Going for a hike is definitely one of the best things to do in Perth.

No matter the season you’ll find hikes in Perth to suit. From beaches in summer to wildflowers in spring and waterfalls in winter, Perth’s national parks have no shortage of pristine natural beauty.

We’ve put together and personally tested this list of amazing hikes in Perth. There are trails of all different lengths and difficulties so there is something to suit everyone. Trails are sometimes one-way returns and sometimes loops which are denoted by ‘return’ or ‘loop’ in the initial information.

To find and navigate some of these Perth hikes we used the Alltrails app. You can download this app for free and it includes thousands of hiking trails all over the world. Each hike has a map with the route marked so that you can easily follow the route with your phone’s GPS. Make sure to pre-download the map before entering an area with no mobile reception.

The best hiking trails in Perth

Get your hiking boots ready!

10 Awesome Hikes in Perth for the Perfect Day Out

John Forrest National Park

This beautiful national park on the eastern outskirts of the city is one of my favourite places to go for a hike in Perth. This is the perfect place to visit to get a taste of the Australian bush. The hikes even finish at a pub replete with kookaburras and friendly kangaroos, what more could you want?

Top 10 best Hikes in Perth

Enjoying the scenery at the Eagle View Lookout

There are several different hikes that can be done in the national park. Our favourite thing to do is to hike the eagle view trail until the lookout and then turn back the same way we have come. You can continue to complete the full 16km hike but it can get a little repetitive after the lookout.

National Park Falls Trail

Loop – 2.5km – 1hr – Easy

This flat and easy trail just takes you a short distance from the carpark to the nearby waterfall. The falls are only active in winter and spring (dependent on rainfall) but are fairly extensive and look great in flow.

The longer trails will still take you past here so you can still see the falls as part of a longer hike. If you are just here for the picnicking and/or pub then this is a good short walk to take.

Wildflower Walk

Loop – 4.5km – 2hr – Moderate

This trail is designed to take advantage of the best areas for wildflowers during the tail end of winter and the spring. The return loop will take you past Hovea Falls.

If you want to add a little extra distance and see both falls then you can follow the National Park Falls trail first. After visiting here you can back-track halfway down the trail to the turn off for this loop.

Hovea Falls in John Forrest National Park

Hovea Falls, John Forrest National Park

Eagle View Walk Trail

Loop – 16km – 5hr – Moderate/Difficult

(Or return – 4.5km – 2hr to lookout)

This is our favourite trail and one of our favourite hikes in Perth. This is mostly due to the beautiful views over both the national park and city from the lookout at the top of the hill. You brush past the National Park Falls on the way and can have a look prior to climbing the hill.

We often climb up to the Eagle View lookout and then come back the same way as we have done the longer trail and it can become a little tedious and repetitive. In spring the longer trail can be really nice as it passes through some beautiful sections of wildflowers.

If you complete the entire loop you will also pass by Hovea Falls on the final stretch.

Christmas Tree Creek Trail

Loop – 10.5km – 4hr – Moderate/Difficult

This trail follows the above however it cuts off to the right and through the middle of the park. This allows you to see both falls and the eagle view lookout and enjoy a longer hike without committing to the full 16km.

This is a great option in the spring and is the best trail in the park during that season.

Kangaroos in John Forrest National Park

A couple of playful kangaroos next to the carpark


John Forrest National Park is located in the Perth hills on the eastern flank of the city. It can be reached in about a 30 to 40 minute drive from the city making it an easy day trip from Perth.

There are three entrances to the national park and if you want to access the walk trails and pub then you want to enter via the second entrance. The best thing to do is enter ‘John Forrest Tavern’ into your GPS.

The first entrance will still take you there but via the scenic route, this is a great option if it is your first time visiting the park.

Being a national park an entry fee will apply of $15 per vehicle or free with a national parks pass.


The park has BBQs, toilets and picnic tables. As of 2022 the government has awarded contracts for redevelopment of the park with a café and new amenities. They have stated that there will be food trucks there in the meantime with details to be confirmed.

Ellis Brook Valley Reserve (60 foot falls)

There are 3 separate trails here with varying length and difficulty. The waterfall loop is the highlight however the name is kind of deceiving as there is generally no water running except shortly after a large rainfall. Don’t let that put you off however as it is still a great hike.

Best hikes in Perth

Beautiful views along the trail

Blue Wren Ramble (Valley walk)

Return – 2.8km – 45mins – Easy

This hike takes you between the two carparks and along the river. It is shaded and fairly flat, so good for all ability levels, however it isn’t a loop so you will have to double back at the end. It is heavily forested and is nice in spring when birds fill the trees and wildflowers brighten the undergrowth.

Eagle view

Return – 860m – 20mins – Easy/Moderate

This is a short but fairly steep trail starting from the honeyeater hollow parking lot. You ascend a small hill to find some benches with great views of Perth and the hills. Unfortunately we didn’t see any eagles but it’s worth a look! There are toilets and barbeques at the bottom.

Sixty Foot Falls

Loop – 2km – 1hr – Moderate/Difficult

This is the best trail of the bunch. Situated at the end of the Ellis Brook Valley is a large wall of stone, if you are lucky enough to get here after a large rainfall then this becomes a beautiful waterfall.

The hike takes you for a fairly steep climb up one side of the valley and to the top of the waterfall. There are a couple of viewing platforms along the way and the views back down the valley from the top are brilliant.

On the way down the other side of the valley you will come across the Barrington Quarry with its sheer granite walls and artificial lake.

Ellis Brook - Perth's Best Hiking Trails

Barrington Quarry


Rushton Rd in Gosnells at the foot of the hills. There are two carparks here depending on which walk you wish to take. The first carpark is at the location marked ‘honeyeater hollow’ on google maps. This is for the eagle view and valley trails. Further down the road is the valley head carpark where you start and end the waterfall loop.


BBQs, public toilet

Bell’s Rapids

This beautiful location in the Swan Valley is one of the more picturesque hikes in Perth and is also a great place to just relax near the river and watch the white water kayakers flow by.

There are two trails across the river from Bell’s Rapids car park, both are of similar length however one is along the river and easy and the other has very steep sections and is more difficult. There is also an additional trail on the carpark side of the river that leads to Bell’s Lookout and Bell’s Falls.

Bells Rapids, one of the best places to go for a hike in Perth

The beautiful Bell’s Rapids

Short Walk (River Walk)

Return – 2.5km – 45mins – Easy

This trails is accessed by crossing the bridge across the river and turning left almost immediately. It is well signposted and leads you on a very pleasant stroll down the river, shaded by large trees and with beautiful wildflowers all around if you are here at the right time. This is not a loop so you come back the same way.

Goat Walk Circuit

Loop – 3km – 1.5hr – Moderate/Difficult

This is a loop trail and starts from the same place as the previous hike, just across the bridge from the carpark. You can choose to go left or right at the beginning but I usually go right as I think the views are better when hiking counter clock-wise. There is a fair amount of up and down on this hike and the first incline is very steep as well as the descent near the end. From the top you will enjoy beautiful views of the river valley as well as across the valley to Bell’s Falls.


Bell’s Rapids Park is at the end of Cathedral Ave after a beautiful drive through the swan valley. Just enter the name of the park into your navigation device for the easiest way to find it. There is a huge area in which to park cars and this place does get very busy on weekends but you should always find a spot.


Toilets. On weekends there are sometimes food vans selling snacks and drinks.

Discover the best places to go hiking in Perth

Lovely views along the hike

Lesmurdie Falls

Lesmurdie Falls has to be the most popular spot to hike in Perth. This beautiful national park in the hills offers two main trails as well as viewing platforms, picnic areas and a convenient location.

The hikes listed below assume that you start at the main car park at the top of the falls. We actually combined the hikes into one, doing the Foot of the Falls Trail and then continuing on to the Valley Loop Trail. Note that the falls are best to visit in winter and spring.

The Foot of the Falls Trail

Return – 2km – 1hr – Easy/Moderate

This trail takes you past the viewing platforms at the top of the falls and then down one side of the valley until you reach the river. From here you follow the river a short distance to the foot of the falls. This is a one way hike so after relaxing by the beautiful falls you will return via the same route. If you want to complete a loop then you can backtrack from here until you see the pink sign then cross the river and continue on the Valley Loop Trail.

Lesmurdie Falls - Best hikes in Perth

The stunning Lesmurdie Falls

The Valley Loop Trail

Loop – 3km – 2hr – Moderate

This trail follows the same route initially as the previous but instead of following the river to the falls you cross the river and continue up the other side of the valley. This takes you to the ‘shoulder’, which offers a brilliant view of the city and hills. We found that the best trek is a combination of the two, with a side-track to the foot of the falls. At the end of this hike you can also visit some smaller falls near the Wier car park.


The best place to start the hikes is from the Lesmurdie Falls Car Park which is on Falls Road. This is not a large car-park and gets busy on weekends but there are two more car-parks nearby if needed, the Weir and Terraces Car Parks. There is also a Lower Lesmurdie Falls Car Park which is close to the bottom of the falls, this is on Palm Terrace.


BBQs, picnic tables, toilets, viewing platforms, coffee van on weekends.

Lesmurdie Falls - Best hikes in Perth

Discovering more waterfalls around the national park

Whistle Pipe Circuit

Loop – 3.5km – 1hr – Easy/Moderate

A fairly short hike but a good one none the less. This circuit starts along a pretty, gently flowing creek with several small waterfalls. You ascend a reasonably gentle hill to an open space offering great views over the foliage to the city in the distance.

The trail continues to follow the winding creek into ever more dense forest which eventually becomes a small area of really lush and beautiful undergrowth which is almost jungle-like in appearance.

There are lots of wildflowers and birds around this area which makes for a relaxing and very enjoyable short hike if you aren’t feeling up to a big time commitment.

Places to go for a hike in Perth - Whistlepipe Gully

Plenty of small waterfalls to see along the hike


This hike is located in Mundy Regional Park as is the Lesmurdie Falls Hike above. It is quite easy to combine the two into one day of hiking if you have the energy and motivation!

You can enter ‘Whistlepipe Gully, Kalamunda’ into your GPS and it should take you to the correct location which is at the end of Lewis Road.



Best hiking trails in Perth

The trail leads you through a beautiful forest

Mason Bird Heritage Trail & Victoria Dam

Return – 6.3km – 2hr – Easy/Moderate

This hike can be started from a couple of different locations depending on which day you are here. On weekdays the access road to the dam is open to the public and you can park at the dam itself.

On weekends the gate is closed however there is a gravel parking lot just before the gate and the trail connects right to it. We started from here and hiked anti-clockwise which is probably the best way to do it as when you reach the dam you have completed at least 2/3 of the hike and can have a rest while you take in the views.

If you do it this way then you will follow the Mason and Bird Heritage Trail until you come to a 3 way junction with a ruined wooden bridge and some large pipes. Here you turn left onto a better maintained trail which is not signposted but is the Victoria Dam Walking Trail.

Best hiking trails in Perth

Victoria Dam

Follow this all the way to the dam, there are a couple of signs further up this trail that direct you towards Victoria Dam. Once at Victoria Dam you will arrive at the bottom where you can find toilets and a picnic area.

Continue uphill to reach the top of the dam and the lookout. The trail continues from the top of the lookout and takes you back to the carpark where you started. If you began from the dam itself then you can follow the same route however it might be easier to reverse these directions and follow it clockwise.


The turnoff to the dam is from Masonmill Rd in Carmel. If you enter Victoria Dam into your GPS it should route you to the correct location.

Once you turn off Masonmill Rd the first car-park mentioned is just to the right. If it’s a weekday you may continue down this road all the way to the dam.


There are toilets located at the bottom of the dam. There is one picnic area at the top of the dam and one at the bottom. BBQs are also available for use.

Victoria Dam Hike in Perth

Exploring Victoria Dam, can you spot us?

Kitty’s Gorge and Serpentine Falls

Heading south for an hour out of Perth takes you to the beginning of the proper forests of the south-west. The start of the hike is located near the aptly named Jarrahdale and begins surrounded by beautiful big jarrah trees and dense forest.

There are a few options on how to tackle this hike depending on how far you want to walk and there are some great activities around this area to make the most of your day since you are driving so far out of the city.

Kitty's Gorge and Serpentine Falls - Places to go hiking in Perth

Hiking Kitty’s Gorge Trail

Kitty’s Gorge to Serpentine Falls

Return – 14km – 4hr – Moderate

To tackle this trail you will start at the Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail entry point in the town of Jarrahdale. From here there is a well marked trail that will take you all the way to the falls. Here you can have a dip in the beautiful cool water to refresh yourself before returning down the same trail.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to tackle this distance you can turn back about half way and return to Jarrahdale. I found the best part of the hike was the first half where the trees are larger and the forest more dense. You can then drive about 20mins to Serpentine Falls.

The best places to go hiking in Perth

Serpentine Falls, the perfect place to cool off post hike!

Stacey’s Loop

Loop – 1.9km – 1hr – Easy

A shorter trail that takes in some of the best parts of the forest at the beginning of the hike. It crosses a number of nice photogenic wooden bridges and returns you to the carpark.


Jarrahdale is about a 1hr drive south of Perth. Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail can be found on google maps and will navigate you right to the start point, here there is some parking just off the road and a sign explaining the hike.

Serpentine Falls is a 20 minute drive from Jarrahdale and has it’s own carpark and facilities. Be warned that it is a national park and the normal national park entry fees are payable, $15 for a vehicle or free with a yearly all parks pass. If you start from the Jarrahdale end there is no fee.

picnic spots perth - millbrook winery

Stop at the gorgeous Millbrook winery after a swim in Serpentine Falls!


Jarrahdale: There are no amenities immediately at the Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail start point. Right nearby however is the town where you can find public toilets, a tavern, a shop and more.

Millbrook Winery: Right near the Kitty’s Gorge start point is a stunning winery which used to be a hidden gem but has become increasingly popular over the last 5 years. You have to book well in advance for lunch here however you can pre-book picnic baskets online or bring your own. They don’t mind if you picnic on the grounds if you purchase a bottle of wine. Millbrook Winery is so picturesque, it is definitely one of Perth’s best picnic spots!

Serpentine Falls: There is a beautiful shaded area with picnic tables, public BBQs, toilets and plenty of parking a 5 minute walk from the falls.

The Elizabethan Village: On the way back to Perth you can take a short detour to check out the Elizabethan Village (it’s actually a pub) which is located just outside of Armadale. This is another hidden gem and a great place to refresh with a meal and a pint after your hike. Designed to imitate the half-timbered Tudor style architecture, it’s a great change from the super-modern Perth pubs and bars.

Elizabethan Village Pub, Perth

Finish off the day with a drink at the cute Elizabethan Village pub

Bold Park

This is one hike that doesn’t involve leaving the city, although at times you might feel like you have! Perth is a great place for being able to immerse yourself in nature without leaving the city. This hike is located in the suburb of City Beach so is perfectly situated to cool off with a swim afterwards.

There are a number of different walk trails criss-crossing the park, however there is only one main trail that you need to remember. The Zamia Trail offers the best hiking experience and a great overview of this beautiful inner-city conservation reserve.

Zamia Trail

Loop – 5.1km – 1.5hr – Moderate

I recommend parking at the south-western side of the park to start this hike, there is a carpark called the ‘Banksia Car Park’, which can be entered into Google Maps. This way you will be hiking uphill for the first half of the hike and can then cruise downhill on the way back.

The walk takes you through dense bushland where the sounds of the city are completely muffled, allowing you to escape into the natural surroundings. In spring the park gives off a wonderful display of wildflowers but the trees and birds are enough to enjoy this hike all year round.

You are rewarded for completing the moderately strenuous uphill climb with a lookout at the top of Reabold Hill. From here you get sweeping views over the city and the ocean and can have a rest before heading back into the bush for the second half of the hike.

best hikes in perth

The views from the lookout on Reabold Hill are pretty awesome, do a 180 and you can see the ocean.


This hike is located in Bold Park which is in the suburb of City Beach. Enter ‘Banksia Car Park; into Google Maps if you want to start at the bottom of the hill like I suggest. Enter ‘Reabold Hill Car Park’ if you would prefer to start at the top of the hill and warm up on the downhill stretch first.


There are no facilities in the park itself however being in City Beach, you have the beach a couple of minutes down the road and are basically surrounded by shops and cafes.

Wungong Gorge

Just outside of Armadale you will find a beautiful big area of bushland known as Bungendore park. This is a little confusing as the hikes pass mostly through this park rather than the nearby ‘Wungong Regional Park’. The reservoir hike can be started from either end however starting on the far side of the park from the reservoir gives you a nice target to aim for.

Please note: You will need the Alltrails app to navigate the longer hikes are there is no signage.

Wungong Gorge, Best Hikes in Perth

Beautiful scenery on the Wungong Gorge trail

Wungong Gorge Walk

Loop – 12.6km – 3hr – Difficult

This longer hike takes in all the best scenery in the area. You start by following the Wungong Creek which is a nice warm-up before hiking in and out of the gorge to take in the views from a multitude of angles. The terrain can be quite steep and loose in areas so you will need proper gear to tackle it.

Near the top you’ll get sweeping views of rolling hills and bushland. Descending down into the gorge to find tranquil areas of dense bush with a gently flowing creek. There are also really nice areas of wildflowers in the Spring.

Wungong Reservoir

Loop – 12.6km – 3hr – Difficult

Covering much the same terrain as the above hike but with the added bonus of having the reservoir as a half-way point. I personally prefer this route as I like to have a target to reach and the reservoir is a nice area offering some interesting views. The hike is also less erratic than the one above, with the outbound stretch being along the base of the gorge and the return stretch along the top.

Wungong Short Loop

Loop – 3.9km – 1hr – Easy

This short track runs a short distance along the Wungong Creek before reaching a bridge and pretty creek-side area with an exposed rock wall. It then loops back along another path close to the outbound one. It is more or less flat and a pleasant short walk.


The start point can be a little hard to find so it’s best to use the Alltrails app or website. Alternatively you can enter ‘Bungendore Park’ in the GPS and you will see the dirt parking area on the side of the road near the end point.


There are no facilities at the start point of these hikes as listed on the Alltrails app. The reservoir however has picnic tables, gas BBQs and toilets. You can park here until 6pm every day if you are planning to tackle the reservoir loop.

Wungong Gorge, Perth Hikes

Hiking the short loop at Wungong Gorge

Point Peron

Loop – 2.4km – 0.5hr – Easy

This short but pleasant hike is partially on pathways and part dirt trails. You initially ascend a small hill for beautiful views of the whole point and surrounding coastline. Descending down to the water you’ll then hike right on the coast with views of nice rock formations.

There are several fixed viewpoints with some info panels about the surrounding area. There is also a beach and some good snorkelling in the vicinity so you can cool off after your hike.

This is a great short hike to combine with a day or weekend trip to Rockingham and the surrounding area. I know it’s a hikes in Perth article but I had to include this as it’s such a nice spot with awesome coastal views!

Point Peron, Best Hikes in Perth

Cape Peron headland in Rockingham


Point Peron is located in Rockingham, about 45 minutes drive from Perth city. You should enter ‘Cape Peron’ into your GPS for the most accurate destination.


There is a coffee truck and ice-cream truck in the car-park on most days. The nearest public toilets are at the Point Peron Boat Ramp, which is just a short drive down the road.

Point Peron Hike Trail - Rockingham

Nothing better than hiking near the ocean! Point Peron

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Discover the very best hiking trails in Perth, WA Discover the very best hiking trails in Perth, WA

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