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If you’re new here and wondering what you can expect to find on this website, you’ve come to the right place! This blog was created in early 2019 by Canadian and Australian couple, Ann and Rick.

The Road Is Life is a travel and lifestyle blog with a focus on epic road trip itineraries and minimalist lifestyle tips that will inspire you to live a more fulfilled and happy life ie. be able to travel more!

After travelling the world and living in many different countries over the years, we’ve finally decided to combine our knowledge and share our travel stories and tips with the world! Below you will find the entire contents of our blog summarized with links pointing you to our best posts.

Thanks for stopping by!

Travel doesn’t have to be crazy expensive and planning your own trips doesn’t have to be complicated. This section is where you will find all of our detailed travel guides as well as our useful tips to help you plan your trips, save money and maximise your time abroad.

Once upon a time we were young backpackers, eager to get out there and see the world, but we had a lot to learn. Mistakes were made and lessons were learnt along the way, but that’s often the best way to grow.

We have so many travel tips and hacks to share with you from our combined years of travelling the world and we hope you will find them useful!

​We’ve recently spent over 2.5 years living in the southeast of England, in the county of Kent. Over this time, we’ve had plenty of time to immerse ourselves in British culture and find all the best travel destinations – think epic castles, adorable villages and incredible history.

We loved our time in England and have created many travel guides to help you plan your trip, focusing mostly on the southeast region. Check out all of our England blog posts right here.

In addition to living and travelling in England, we managed to travel to over 22 different countries in Europe during that time. We’ve written many in depth guides on travel in Portugal, Germany, France, Albania and more. You can find them all right here in our Europe travel section.

If you’re familiar with our blog or if you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that road trips are a big part of the way we travel. We love them and we truly believe that road tripping is the best way to see a country, get off the beaten path and experience its culture. Also, life is just better on the road!

It’s no surprise that we specialise on road trip itineraries here on our blog. Our itineraries are in depth, detailed and we hold nothing back ensuring that your experience will be just as awesome as ours was.

During the time we lived in England, we made sure to squeeze in as many road trips around Europe as we possibly could. Some of our favourite road trips were in the south of France, Portugal, southern Germany and Morocco!

Now that we are based in Perth, Western Australia, you can expect to see many Australian road trip itineraries coming on this blog in the near future. Click here to browse all of our road trip itineraries.

Over the years that we’ve spent travelling the world and living in different countries, we’ve come to realise that living minimally is crucial to maintaining the travelling lifestyle that we love.

Minimalism has become ingrained into our everyday lives and at this point, we can’t imagine living any other way. Not only does it allow us the freedom to travel as much as possible, but there is so much more positivity that living a minimalist lifestyle has brought us.

We’ve learned that once you minimise the clutter and the excess, you create more clarity and make room for the things that matter in your life; the things that add value and bring you joy. Get inspired and check out some of our posts about living a minimalist lifestyle.

Hang on, you guys travel as a couple but you write about solo travel? I bet that’s what you’re probably wondering. You see, this blog wouldn’t exist if either of us didn’t take the leap and set off to travel the world on our own back in our early 20’s.

Solo travel is what brought us together. We truly believe that the benefits of travelling alone are something that everyone deserves to experience in their lifetime.

Beyond finding love and meeting friends from all over the world, it has the power to change you in more ways than you could ever imagine. We’re pretty passionate about solo travel and we want to share that with you in this section of our blog.

The Inspiration Behind Our Blog

Long before we ever created this blog, we came up with ‘The Road Is Life’ for our Instagram account where we started posting photos from our travels around Europe.

When we decided to start a blog, we wanted a name that would reflect our love for road trips. We felt ‘The Road Is Life’ was pretty fitting in that sense.

We also wanted it to reflect being on the road for extended periods of time with no real time-line or any rush to arrive at a destination. The type of travel where the journey itself IS the adventure. This is our favourite type of travel. This is the way we both solo travelled before we met; with no set plans or expectations.

If you’ve ever read the book ‘On The Road’ by Jack Kerouac, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you grab yourself a copy.

This book embodies everything about embracing the journey you’re on and allowing the unexpected things that happen to you and the people you meet along the way to potentially change your future.

‘On The Road’ is a big inspiration behind our blog. Our ultimate dream is to be free one day to be able to travel and road trip all over the world!