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There is a large gap between Perth and Adelaide on the map and it can look daunting to cross. You’ll be happy to know that there is actually a lot to see and do along the way. This Perth to Adelaide road trip is considered a classic part of any trip around Australia but it is also a great adventure to do on it’s own.

This itinerary follows a fairly efficient route and doesn’t add much extra distance to what is already a long drive. There are several options for detours off the route to see some cool spots and these will be highlighted in the relevant sections. See below for a map of the route and key details of the Perth to Adelaide drive.

If you haven’t explored the amazing South West already then this is highly recommended before heading across the Nullarbor. Check out our Perth to Esperance Road Trip to help you discover some of the best of this region.

silo art perth to adelaide road trip

There’s a lot of great silo art in South Australia

Perth to Adelaide Drive – Summary

It’s impossible to give a day by day breakdown on this trip as everyone is going to have different situations. Ideally this drive should be done nice and slow, with plenty of stops to break up the long drives.

This isn’t always possible however, and the trip can be done with a short timeframe if you are willing to endure some long driving days and cut out some of the stops. See below for a map of the route and details of the distance and driving time.

Perth to Adelaide Distance:

The minimum driving distance of this itinerary is 2992km. This will probably increase a little with any side trips and detours that you choose to take.

Perth to Adelaide Driving Time:

There are 33 hours of driving time to complete for this itinerary. This is only 5 hours more than taking the most direct route and well worth it for what you see.

Recommended Trip Length:

Given the large amount of driving, it’s best to put aside at least a week for this itinerary. To really get the most out of the trip you should try to devote two weeks.

On this itinerary we’ll list our recommended highlights and overnight stops but it’s up to you if/how long you want to spend at each one.

Perth to Adelaide Road Trip – Highlights

  • The beautiful natural landmark of Wave Rock
  • Breath-taking beaches of Esperance
  • Endless cliffs along the Great Australian Bight
  • The strange and wonderful Nullarbor Plain
  • Mount Remarkable National Park
  • The stunning landscape and wines of the Barossa Valley

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flinders ranges national park

The impressive Flinders Ranges

Perth to Adelaide Road Trip – The Best Route and Highlights

Stop 1 – Hyden

You may not have heard of the tiny farming town of Hyden, but this is where the famous Wave Rock is located. It is only 332km from Perth and we recommend spending a night here. This will mean you don’t have to rush to leave in the morning.

It may seem like a short driving day when you have Adelaide to reach but there is actually a lot to do around Wave Rock. If you really give this place it’s due and explore properly then you probably won’t have enough time left to reach Esperance today.

Exploring Wave Rock at sunset

Enjoying a magical sunset at Wave Rock

There is a parking lot right near Wave Rock so you can easily jump out a have a look if you do want to push on with driving today. There is a $12 fee per vehicle which is payable on a machine in the parking lot. If you are staying the night then you can take your time and check in first then explore the whole area at your leisure.

I won’t go into any more detail on this spot as we have a whole post on everything to do in Hyden. This will help you to make the most of your time here.

Where to Stay in Hyden


Wave Rock Caravan Park – This park is situated right next to Wave Rock so you can walk there as many times as you want.


Wave Rock Hotel – This is located in the town of Hyden so about a 10 minute drive to Wave Rock. The rooms were a little dated but there are good facilities like a pool and a nice bar/bistro area.

Wave Rock Resort – This accommodation is situated next to Lake Magic, about 1.5km from Wave Rock. They have self contained cottages with two bedrooms, air conditioning and free WiFi.

Stop 2 – Esperance

Lucky Bay, Esperance - Perth to Adelaide Road Trip

The stunning sand and turquoise waters of Lucky Bay

Cape Le Grand National Park

Esperance is best known for it’s amazing white sand and crystal clear water. Having recently visited Exmouth I was adamant that it would take a lot to convince me that these were the best beaches in W.A!

After spending way too long on the beaches of Cape Le Grand National Park, I can confirm that the reality matches and even exceeds the expectation. If your time is limited then you should head straight for Cape Le Grand National Park. There are two camp grounds within the park which are ideal to base yourself in. See the end of this section for details.

Within the park you can see the famous Lucky Bay, which sometimes has kangaroos lazing about on it’s shores. The nearby Hellfire Bay and Thistle Cove are equally stunning and often less busy. You can climb Frenchman Peak for amazing views over the whole park and a huge cave at the top.

esperance stonehenge

The awesome Esperance Stonehenge!

Just outside the national park you can visit the impressive Esperance Stonehenge. I didn’t know what to think prior to coming here but I really enjoyed the experience. It was amazing to look at the huge stones and imagine the impact the structure would have had 5000 years ago.

Esperance Town

If you have more time to spend exploring Esperance then there is plenty to do and see. Check out the below attractions in and around town.

  • Great Ocean Drive – Victoria may have the Great Ocean Road, but W.A has the Great Ocean Drive. While it may be a little shorter, it more than makes up for it with spectacular coastal scenery. Some of the best beaches in Esperance are along this route, such as Twilight Beach and Blue Haven. Also not to miss is the fantastic lookout at Observatory Point.
  • Mechanical Clocktower – In the park near the Taylor St Jetty you will find this attractive and interesting clock tower.
  • Wylie Bay – A very popular spot for photography. A nice beach in it’s own right and when the tide is low, a picturesque sandbar forms between the beach and some outlying rocks. Best viewed from Wylie Rock or with a drone.
  • Whale Tail Sculpture – A nice sculpture in the park along the waterfront Esplanade. While in this area you might also have a drink at 33 Degrees, a bar with nice ocean views.
  • Esperance Museum – Esperance has a great little museum with a surprising good collection of memorabilia and antiques. The low entry fee means it’s worth it to explore for even just half an hour or so.
  • Scenic Flights – Fly Esperance and Heli Spirit offer scenic flights above the beautiful Esperance coastline. This is also the best way to see the vibrantly pink Lake Hillier.
Great Ocean Drive, Esperance

Some stunning scenery on the Great Ocean Drive

Where to Stay in Cape Le Grand National Park


Lucky Bay and Le Grand Beach Camping – These camp grounds are right on the beachfront in Cape Le Grand NP. There are toilets and showers but you will need to bring all your food and water with you. They frequently book out far in advance so make sure to book early.

Dunns Ecopark – If you miss out on the above then this attractive camp ground is only just outside the national park. They have toilets, a camp shower and a kitchen. The facilities are quite basic but clean and well maintained. Note that there is a fairly rough gravel road to access this property.

Where to Stay in Esperance


RAC Esperance Holiday Park – This park is the perfect combination of absolute beachfront and access to town. The facilities are amazing and everything is kept in top shape.


Yot Spot Apartments – Self-contained and well appointed apartments in the heart of Esperance. Perfect for accessing all the attractions in town.

Esperance Chalet Village – A wonderful collection of individually styled cabins and chalets. It is a little out of town but right near the road out to the national park so perfect for day trips.

►Browse more accommodation options in Esperance◄

Stop 3 – The Nullarbor Plain

bunda cliffs - perth to adelaide road trip

Bunda Cliffs look even better at sunset.

After leaving Esperance, the next 1800km is pretty mindless driving and should be broken up regularly to keep you fresh. That is of course minus the Nullarbor Plain. This stretch is surprisingly only a very short part of the drive but it was definitely my favourite section.

The name Nullarbor comes from the Latin ‘Nullus Arbor’ which means ‘no tree’. If you’re anything like me then you were imagining a vast sandy plain reminiscent of middle eastern deserts. This is definitely not what you’ll find. I won’t give too much away however as I want to leave you to be surprised just like I was!

The absolute highlight on the journey is the Bunda Cliffs. These huge cliffs run most of the way across the plain, dramatically falling off into the beautiful Southern Ocean. There are a couple of official viewpoints that offer decent view, but we found the best viewpoints down some small dirt roads that turned off the highway.

nullarbor roadhouse - nullarbor roadtrip

You just have to get this classic Nullarbor shot!

There can be hard to find and the easiest way is to purchase the Wikicamps App on your phone. These spots were listed as free campsites and you can indeed stay right on the cliffs! This was well worth it but you do have to be self-contained as there are no facilities.

We kept our drives to around 500km a day as we weren’t in a rush. There are a lot of free campsites along the whole drive and many are marked as 24hr rest areas with road signs. The roadhouses all have camp grounds and accommodation if you are in a normal car.

Another great stop is the Head of Bight Visitor Centre. The main purpose of this facility is whale watching as it is situated in a prime position to view the migration and calving of Southern Right Whales. Whale watching season is from May to October and it is only really worth visiting during this time. Prices are $15/adult and $6/child.

Where to Stay on the Nullarbor Plain


Roadhouses – Each roadhouse has a camping/caravan park area. Find out which one you are aiming to reach and call ahead.

Camping – As mentioned the Wikicamps App is really useful on this stretch. We stayed near Caiguna the first night at Baxter Rest Area. The second night on the cliffs was at Bunda Cliffs Campground. You must be fully self-contained.


Roadhouses – Most of the road-houses have motel style accommodation. As above, plan your stops ahead of time and call to book-in/confirm. Some of the better options are the Madura Pass Roadhouse and the classic Nullarbor Roadhouse.

Optional Detour – Lake Macdonell and Woolshed Cave

This road between the lakes is super cool

From the Nullarbor you can simply follow the highway towards Port Augusta for the quickest route to Mount Remarkable and other highlights of the trip. There are many camp sites and accommodation options in the small towns along the highway.

We decided to take a detour off the main highway as we wanted to see the Pink Lake and Woolshed Cave. It’s also nice to have a break from all the driving and take a couple of days to recharge around here.

Talia cave

Woolshed Cave in the early morning

The Pink Lake is only a short detour off the main highway however it’s a pretty bad unsealed road, so be prepared for that. It is also only worth seeing when there is water in the lake. Over summer it dries up and the effect is lost. Winter and Spring are the best time to view the lake.

Woolshed Cave is a bit more of a detour but it is well worth a visit if you have the time. This huge limestone cavern has been eroded away by the force of the ocean and is truly an impressive sight. It’s so unique that we consider it to be one of the top natural landmarks of South Australia!

There are a couple of relaxing little bays to stay in to break up the drive. We stayed in Streaky Bay which had a great sunset and nice landscape.

There is not really much to see in this area but it was a good spot to relax and break up the driving. The cave is a short distance from here and can be seen en-route to Port Augusta when you are back on the road.

Where to Stay Near Point Sinclair/Woolshed Cave


Streaky Bay Caravan Park – This was a great park right on the ocean and with good facilities. It is well positioned right between Point Sinclair and the cave.

Coodlie Park – This great camp ground has basic facilities but is in a beautiful location. Right near the Woolshed Cave so you can see both attractions then have a rest and be ready to go the next morning.


Venus Bay Beachfront Tourist Park – This park offers self-contained villas right near the ocean. It’s a fantastic place to watch sunset after exploring the Woolshed Cave.

Stop 3 – Port Augusta

Port Augusta is the first major town you come across after the long journey from Esperance. It is a good place to stop and refresh before heading on to your next destination.

The Pichi Richi railway

The main attraction in town is the Wadlata Outback Centre. This is a great stop if you are planning to visit the outback but is still super interesting even if you are going straight to Adelaide. Their ‘tunnel of time’ attraction takes you on a journey through the outback from pre-history until modern times.

If you love old steam trains then you must take a ride on the Pichi Richi Railway. This lovingly restored steam engine looks absolutely amazing and will take you on a super scenic journey to the small town of Quorn. The train unfortunately only operates from March to November. Check the website for timetables and fares.

Some further attractions that are worth visiting are the Port Augusta Train Park and the Cultural Centre. For a nice walk check out the Blanche Harbour Aquatic Reserve which features red cliffs juxtaposed against the blue water.

Where to Stay in Port Augusta


Discovery Parks Port Augusta – This caravan park is a short drive from the centre of town but walking distance from shops. It has good and well-maintained facilities.

Quorn Caravan Park – If you are taking the detour below then you might keep driving a little after Port Augusta. Quorn Caravan Park is a beautiful and quiet spot and will give you a chance to look around this historic little town (don’t miss the free silo light show!).


Majestic Oasis Apartments – This fantastic accommodation is in the perfect location right in town. The resort style grounds with self-catering facilities is a great combination.

►Browse more accommodation options in Port Augusta◄

Optional Detour – Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park

This is a considerable detour at 136km but this national park is well worth the effort. The stretch of road from Port Augusta to Quorn is a lovely scenic drive so you will barely notice the kilometres passing by.

flinders national park - perth to adelaide road trip

Driving into Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park

If you are planning to stay in the national park you will need to purchase a permit. We stayed at the Wilpena Pound Resort and we were able to add the permit to the booking. Consider filling up your water tanks in Port Augusta as water is limited in the park. Stocking up on food is also a good idea however they do have a small shop at the resort.

As you drive into the park there are several viewpoints that offer panoramas of the impressive rocky cliffs. If you have a 4WD then you can alternatively take The Outback Highway and then cut into the park along the Moralana Scenic Drive. This is a beautiful road but it is unsealed and quite bumpy.

Hiking is the main activity within the park and the best hikes start from within the Wilpena Pound Resort complex. Even if you aren’t staying there you can still park near to the start point. The hikes are well signposted however they do close a couple of the hardest hikes over the summer.

The Pound is a huge structure and even from the highest lookout you can’t get a full appreciation of it’s beauty. A scenic flight here is probably one of the most beautiful you could ever do and is well worth it. See the link below to browse prices and availability.

►Flinders Ranges: Scenic Flight Over National Park◄

flinders ranges hiking - perth to adelaide drive

Hiking into the lush Wilpena Pound

Where to Stay in the Flinders Ranges

All types of stay

Wilpena Pound Resort – This is the perfect place to base yourself for hikes into the park. They have a full range of accommodation from unpowered sites to luxury cabins. The facilities are amazing, including pool, bar, restaurant, shop and fuel.

Rawnsley Park Station – This highly reviewed accommodation again offers a full range of different stays. They have better views than above and can arrange scenic flights right from the property.

Stop 4 – Mount Remarkable National Park

This park is perfectly situated right along the route as you drive from Perth to Adelaide. You can make a brief stop here or stay a night or two to complete some hikes.

The one thing you should not miss is Alligator Gorge. This was not only an awesome short hike but the drive in was simply stunning! After turning off the highway you wind your way up a ridge line with epic views to either side. We had to stop multiple times to get out and admire the scenery.

The hike itself is quite short and easy however the ground is uneven. Most people stay in the Mambray Creek campground where most of the hikes in the park begin. You can hike to Alligator Gorge from here but it is an overnight hike.

We stayed in Melrose so we could hike the Mt Remarkable summit. This is a nice little town and the hike was fairly scenic however the view from the top is blocked by trees. Other hikes in the park are more rewarding and Alligator Gorge is always a favourite.

remarkables hiking

Hiking through Alligator Gorge

Where to Stay in Mount Remarkable National Park


Mambray Creek Campground – This campground has full facilities and they have sites to suit all vehicle types as well as tents. This is the best place to stay for hiking in the park.


Jacka Brothers Brewery – This beautiful accommodation is an attraction in itself. Melrose is in a great location to access Alligator Gorge as well as the Mount Remarkable summit hike.

Optional Detour – Clare Valley

South Australia is wine country. There are such an incredible number of vineyards and wineries that it makes my head hurt (probably from visiting too many!). The Clare Valley is well worth a trip but it is listed as optional because the Barossa Valley is the next stop and a bigger highlight if you have limited time.

In saying that, if you like cycling then the Riesling Trail is a beautiful ride. This is a specially laid out trail to take you past some of the highlights of the region without having to dodge cars. You can hire bikes from Clare Valley Bike Hire. The return journey is a slight uphill so we recommend the electric bikes!

perth to adelaide road trip - clare valley

Cycling past endless beautiful vineyards

It’s probably pretty obvious by now that Riesling is the specialty of this region. If you love that grape then this will probably be more than an optional detour for you. Basing yourself in Clare is the best option if you are going to stay as it is the biggest town and the start point for most tours.

If you aren’t able to or simply dislike cycling then you should check out the Clare Uncorked wine tour. This will allow you to dig a little deeper than the standard cycle route as you can explore further afield. They have small groups and will take you to the best spots with tastings and lunch included.

perth to adelaide drive - clare valley

The historical Sevenhill Cellars is a highlight

Where to Stay in the Clare Valley


Discovery Parks Clare – This park is located right in Clare which is near to the start of the Riesling Trail. Hire bikes can be delivered to the park or the hire company is only a short walk away. The Clare Valley Wine, Food and Tourism Centre is right next door.


Brice Hill Country Lodge– The beautiful grounds and room here will be a perfect break after the long trip thus far. It is perfectly located near to bike hire and town.

The Mill Apartments – Fully self-contained apartments in the heart of Clare. Perfectly located near to the shops and bike hire. Cook some meals to save on costs.

►Browse more accommodation options in Clare◄

Stop 5 – The Barossa Valley

The fifth and final stop on this adventurous Perth to Adelaide drive is a real highlight of the whole journey. Even if you aren’t a fan of wine, the scenery alone is worth seeing and there are some delicious craft breweries and other beverage producers.

The Barossa Valley is likely Australia’s most well known wine region and is famous for producing wine of the highest quality. The region covers a pretty large area and there are cellar doors everywhere. You really can’t get bored of driving through the gorgeous undulating vineyards so take your time and explore widely.

barossa valley

Stopping to admire the scenery between winery visits

I personally prefer to start any wine region off with a tour as this is a great way to get the lie of the land. The sheer number of vineyards here can be overwhelming so it’s good to have someone show you the highlights of the region before exploring more on your own.

This private tour will pick you up from your accommodation in the Barossa and introduce you to the region. Visit up to five wineries and have a gourmet platter for lunch. For a shorter experience consider exploring the wine that the Barossa is famous for. A Shiraz Masterclass will guide you to discover the characteristics that have made this wine famous throughout the world.

perth to adelaide road trip - barossa valley

Chateau Tanunda was a highlight for us

It would take you a long time to fully explore everything this region has to offer, but a couple of nights spent here before reaching Adelaide is definitely worth it. There are many options for accommodation spread across several different towns. None are better or worse and all are surrounded by cellar doors and vineyards so you can’t go wrong!

Where to Stay in the Barossa Valley


BIG4 Barossa Tourist Park – This traditional caravan park is highly rated and perfectly located in the heart of the Barossa.

Greenock Centenary Park – Camp next to the oval in this pretty town for only $5. Cellar doors are a short stroll away and you can easily access everything the Barossa has to offer. Self-contained only.


Jacobs Creek Retreat – Relax in old world style luxury in these beautifully designed suites inside 1840s stone buildings. The grounds create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity and of course the wine is not far away.

Blickinstal Barossa Valley Retreat – Offering stunning views over the vineyards, you can enjoy your wine whilst taking in sunset views of the beautiful vines that it grew on. The lodge apartments offer a spa bath and wood fire for a perfect getaway in the cooler seasons.

►Browse more accommodation options in the Barossa◄

Final Stop – Adelaide

This road trip may end in the lovely city of Adelaide, but this isn’t where your explorations have to end. There are a lot of great things to do in and around Adelaide as well as some exciting day trips from Adelaide.

First of all you’re going to want to figure out where to stay in Adelaide. There are several good areas to base yourself depending on where you want to explore. A good idea is to stay near a tram or train line so you can easily get around without having to drive. See below for some great options.

Take a tram to the beach in Glenelg

Where to Stay in Adelaide

We chose to stay around the northeast of the CBD as this allowed easier access to the hills. A lot of main attractions of the city are also around this area.

Check out The Palms Apartments if you also want to take advantage of this location. They have clean and spacious rooms and good amenities. The best thing however is that you are within walking distance from the National Wine Centre of Australia!

Alternatively stay right on the beach and take advantage of the famous tram line at the Stamford Grand Adelaide. This is an iconic building on Glenelg beach and is as nice inside as out. The best feature is the beautiful indoor pool, but the sweeping ocean views are also pretty top notch.

►Browse more accommodation options in Adelaide◄

adelaide botanic garden - perth to adelaide drive

You could easily spend a whole day in the Adelaide Botanic Garden

Highlights of Adelaide

Adelaide Botanic Garden – This is a massive and really well managed garden. We spent a lot longer here than expected as there is so much to see and you don’t want to miss any of it. The Bicentennial Conservatory was a favourite for us, as was the amazing Amazon Waterlily.

National Wine Centre of Australia – South Australia is wine central so is the perfect spot for this exhibition. The interactive wine discovery journey will teach you all about Australia’s wine industry and how wine is made.

You can do tastings and purchase glasses at the atmospheric café on site. The best experience here by far however is the Australian Wine Discovery Tour with Tastings; this is highly recommended if you are a fan of wine!

South Australian Museum – This free attraction is located right near the botanic garden and next to the University of Adelaide, which has several beautiful buildings to admire. In my opinion a visit here is worth it for the Pacific Cultures gallery alone and they have many other great exhibits to explore.

One of the historical university buildings

Art Gallery of South Australia – This beautiful 19th century gallery has a huge collection of art and is a must for art lovers. The collection of Aboriginal art is fantastic and they also have a great collection of historical Australian art which offers a glimpse into our past.

Adelaide Street Art – Street art and murals have become a big thing in a lot of cities around the world now. Adelaide boasts a great collection of murals and displays; walking between them is a great way to explore the CBD. See this link for a map of the street art trail and a list of murals so you can pick your favourites to visit.

Glenelg Beach – This is the top spot to spend a day at the beach in Adelaide. The famous Glenelg tram line starts/finishes here, which is the best way to travel to and from the CBD. There is a photogenic café strip with a Ferris wheel and palm trees where you can have lunch. If you have kids then they will love The Beachouse Amusement Park with it’s large waterslides.

adelaide street art

Checking out the awesome murals in Adelaide

National Railway Museum – This is a must for fans of trains or even those with a passing interest. If you have kids you will definitely want to make a visit here as it will be something to remember for years to come. They have a fantastic selection of engines and romantic old carriages to explore. There are miniature trains to ride and a large model railway that is constructed with amazing detail.

The S.A Maritime Museum and Aviation Museum are right next door so you could spend a whole day exploring this area. The museums are located in Port Adelaide but are right on a train line so they are easy to get to.

Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

Believe it or not, you can see wild dolphins in Adelaide! Technically in Port Adelaide but if you are visiting the museums on offer above then you should also check this out.

Have a look at the tour below where an experienced guide will take you on an adventure down the mangrove lined river. They know the best place to spot these animals and will also take you past the Garden Island ship graveyard.

Adelaide Central Market

This huge food market is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere and a cultural melting pot. This is a great place to grab lunch if you can ever decide from among the huge array of delicious options!

Day Trips From Adelaide

If you manage to get through the impressive list of highlights above and still have time then consider a day trip. There are some great things to see close to the city and below we have collected some of the best day trips from Adelaide.

The Barossa is full of picturesque cellar doors

The Barossa Valley – This is of course one of the stops on this road trip, but if you missed it for whatever reason then you can still visit from Adelaide. This winery tour to the Barossa from Adelaide is great value and a super efficient way to see the best of South Australia’s wine industry.

McLaren Vale – Not so well known as the Barossa above but McLaren Vale has some top wineries and really holds it’s own. I found the landscape here to be the most impressive of all the wine regions we visited and it was an absolute pleasure to drive through. Jump on a small group tour from Adelaide and explore this stunning wine region for yourself.

D’Arenburg in McLaren Vale is super quirky

Adelaide Hills and Hahndorf – Adelaide is blessed to have such beautiful surrounds so close to the city. The Adelaide hills have some spectacular scenic drives and locations to visit. There are also a tonne of amazing wine, food and beer producers to visit.

Hahndorf is a small town just 30 minutes from the centre of Adelaide. The name is a hint to the German heritage of the town, having been settled by Lutheran migrants in the 19th century. The pretty town centre features traditional German architecture and businesses.

You can easily see all of the above on a day trip from Adelaide. Take the hassle out of figuring out which places to visit and which to skip on this highly reviewed tour.

hahndorf cafe

Lots of great places to stop for coffee in Hahndorf

Mount Lofty and Cleland Wildlife Park – Mount Lofty is a part of the Adelaide Hills, however there is so much to do around this area that it warrants a day trip in itself. The Cleland Wildlife Park is a large sanctuary set on the beautiful forested slopes of Mount Lofty. This is a top spot to see koalas but they also have loads of other native wildlife in natural enclosures.

The summit of Mount Lofty offers fantastic views over the whole city of Adelaide and the ocean beyond. There are some great walking trails starting from here and the drive up is super exciting on the winding mountain roads! The mountain also has it’s own expansive botanic garden.

If you don’t want to drive it yourself then this tour will take you to all of the above with entrance fees included.

mount lofty botanic garden

Walking through the botanic garden on Mt Lofty

Kangaroo Island – Kangaroo Island is famed for it’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife. This is a place that people commonly spend weeks relaxing on and enjoying but it can definitely be appreciated in one day if time is tight.

The ferry is quite expensive and it’s a long drive so the best way to see it on a day trip is by coach. Jump on a highly rated tour like this one and you’ll get to see some of the best beaches, the ‘remarkable rocks’ and amazing wildlife like sea lions, kangaroos and echidnas.

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