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Morocco has always been a big draw for travellers, especially those looking for somewhere exotic and different to visit, whilst still remaining easily accessible from Europe. There is such an amazing variety of scenery, sights and activities in this relatively small country and it is so close to Europe that you can hit the ground running and fit in quite a lot with just one week in Morocco.  

Despite its relatively small size, the sheer amount of amazing places to visit in Morocco means that unfortunately you can’t see it all in one week. To address this I have come up with 3 separate itineraries for how to make the absolute most of one week in Morocco.  

Sunset over the busy

Djemaa-El-Fna Market, Marrakech

Each itinerary is geared towards a different type of travel as there are parts of the country better accessed by a car but also plenty that can be seen using public transport or in combination with short tours. There is definitely something for everyone here so read on to find the perfect one week Morocco itinerary to suit you and what you want to see. 

To begin check out the highlights of each trip in the next section and click through to the trip that most interests you for a detailed description and plan. 

See below for some useful tips to prepare you for your Moroccan adventure ↓ 

Best time to visit Morocco

Morocco is great in that the best time to visit is during the bumper season of other European destinations. You’ll want to arrange your trip between the middle of March and May (Spring), or September/October (Autumn). Outside of these periods it can be oppressively hot or freezing cold.

Renting a car in Morocco

Many major car hire companies have offices in the airports and cities of popular Moroccan destinations. We found the whole process much smoother and easier than expected and the road conditions in Morocco were also much better than expected.  

If your trip involves crossing the Atlas Mountains you should consider spending a little more to get a car with a decent engine as we hired a tiny one and it was properly struggling up the steep bits! 

I use google maps for navigation and always pre-download the map area whilst on a stable network as well as downloading the route before leaving. This avoids any issues of losing signal or accidentally cancelling navigation whilst out of signal.

We use this search tool as it is an easy way to compare all the companies in one go. You can also arrange comprehensive insurance for cheaper than the hire companies as well as get informed of any hidden charges.

Booking busses and trains in Morocco 

The biggest pain about travelling in Morocco is that you can’t book tickets online. The websites seem to suggest you can however they will only accept Moroccan bank cards. There are online services that offer to purchase tickets for you and I have heard it works however do not have personal experience. There is of course a hefty mark up for this service. 

The train company is called ONCF and you can find schedules on their website. The bus company is CTM and their website and schedules can be a little unreliable. The best thing to do is to book onward tickets as soon as you arrive in a place so you know your timings in advance and have more options. 

Some guest houses may also arrange tickets for you for a fee; once you book the guesthouse you can always broach the subject in an e-mail if you are really keen to lock in advance tickets. We personally travelled in high season and didn’t have a problem getting tickets at the station.

The Best Travel Insurance for Morocco

Morocco is known as a relatively safe destination however travel is never without risk. Especially when driving overseas you want to make sure you have insurance that covers all the activities you may be involved in.

When travelling abroad, we always go with Heymondo travel insurance. They are one of the most reputable travel insurance companies that will provide you with simple and flexible coverage. Whether you are into adventurous activities or simply looking for trip cancellation and medical insurance, Heymondo has you covered.

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One Week in Morocco – The West

(Car Only)

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Explore the Exotic Markets of Marrakech, Cross the Atlas Mountains to the UNESCO listed fortress of Ait-Ben-Haddou, visit Berber desert cities before chilling out on the Atlantic shores where the desert meets the waves.

One Week in Morocco – The North

(Bus/Train or Car)

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See some of the most iconic sights of Morocco, from the ancient tanneries of Fes to the rich blue streets of Chefchaouen. Experience some lesser known gems like the ancient capital of Meknes and the modern capital of Rabat. 

One Week in Morocco – The East

(Tour and Self-Guided)

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Witness the vast spectacle of the Sahara, the inimitable Ait-Ben-Haddou, crossing the High Atlas Mountains and the exotic Markets of Fes and Marrakech. 

One Week in Morocco – The West 

Explore the Exotic Markets of Marrakech, Cross the Atlas Mountains to the UNESCO listed fortress of Ait-Ben-Haddou, visit Berber desert cities before chilling out on the Atlantic shores where the desert meets the waves.


(Car Only)

Day 1 and 2 – Arrive in Marrakech, check in to amazing riad, explore. 

Day 3 – Cross the Atlas Mountains to Ait-Ben-Haddou 

Day 4 – Travel through the desert to the Berber town of Taroudant 

Day 5 – Head to the coast and visit the chilled out surf town of Tagzhadout 

Day 6 – Follow the coastline north to the ancient port city of Essaouira 

Day 7 – Return to Marrakech and depart (Or alternatively fly out of Essaouira) 

marrakesh riad

A beautiful riad in Marrakech

Day 1 and 2


How to Get There: 

Marrakech Menara airport has connections to many international cities and you can often grab quite a bargain. From the airport to the medina is about a 15min taxi ride or if you’re on a tight budget you can the L11 or L12 bus from the main road for next to nothing.  

This will drop you off just outside the medina on the side of the Jemaa-El-Fna market square. The taxis cannot enter the medina so depending on where you stay remember that you will have to walk some distance with your bags however a taxi may be able to get you closer. 

marrakesh koutoubia

The beautiful gardens of Koutoubia Mosque


This city is probably the most well-known destination in Morocco, and not without cause. You will be arriving into the heart of the tourism industry in Morocco and it can be a pretty hectic place to step into!  

The first thing you want to do is make sure you’ve booked yourself an amazing riad, as Marrakech has some of the best. Here you can freshen up and drink some mint tea before hitting the streets. You should also buy your bus tickets for the onward journey in advance so you get the times you want. See the following section for further details. 

marrakesh market

Exploring the shops in Marrakech

Your first day here I’d suggest taking it easy, take a stroll around the medina and visit the Jemaa-El-Fna market in the evening when it’s in full swing. Witness the snake charmers, magic lamp salesmen and just the amazing sensory overload of this unique place. When you need a break from the craziness then grab something to eat at one of the rooftop restaurants with amazing views over the huge market square. 

Retire back to your riad and get ready for a full day of sightseeing tomorrow. I’m not going to tell you how to spend this second day as there are so many things to see in Marrakech, it really depends on your personal preferences. A day tour can be a great way to tick off a lot of attractions in one go. With just one week in Morocco you’ll want to squeeze as much into your days as possible! 

Some highlights that deserve consideration are:  

  • Jemaa-El-Fna Market (if you missed it yesterday) 
  • Koutoubia Mosque 
  • Jardin Majorelle 
  • El Badi Palace 
  • Palacio Da Bahia

Taxis are a cheap and easy way to get between places but remember to haggle! Popular sites such as Jardin Majorelle can sometimes have long lines so plan to spend longer than expected there. 

koutoubia mosque

Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech

►Browse accommodation options in Marrakech◄

Day 3 


How to Get There: 

You can hire a car for the whole trip in Marrakech, it’s possible to do this at the airport when you land however you cannot enter the medina with a car so this gives you big parking issues. It’s easiest to pick up the car the day you are leaving but book early because pick up can take some time. It is best not to get the smallest car (like we did!) as the mountain road is unsealed in some parts and can get quite steep. The drive will take about 5 hours with stops. 

Alternatively if you don’t want to drive out of Marrakech and over the mountains you can get a CTM bus from Marrakech to Ouarzazate and hire a car there. From here it’s about a 30min drive to Ait-Ben-Haddou. The major car hire companies allow one way rentals so it should be possible to drop the car back in Marrakech or in Essaouira near the end of the trip but confirm this in advance. 

Ait-Ben-Haddou sunrise

A majestic sunrise at Ait-Ben-Haddou


In my humble opinion this is the crown jewel of Morocco’s many beautiful sitesThe visually striking and amazingly well preserved clay fortress sits beside a picturesque palm lined valley and conjures exotic images of ancient desert caravans. 

Spending at least one night here is a must do and getting to experience the sunrise and sunset at this majestic location is a memory that you will treasure forever. Many one week Morocco itineraries only include a day trip to Ait-Ben-Haddou which is a big mistake. I would suggest leaving Marrakech as early as possible because crossing the mountains takes some time and you want to spend as much time here as possible. 

Make sure you book your accommodation here as far in advance as possible as there are only a couple of places that offer amazing view of the fortress from their balconies or even from your bedroom window! Check out Chez Brahim or Dar Mouna La Source for the best views in town.

Ait-Ben-Haddou from Chez Brahim

The view from our guest-house window, Chez Brahim

Use the cooler hours of the evening or the following morning to climb up to the top of the fortress for amazing views over the desert and down the valley. Visit the Salon Du Thé Panoramique near the final staircase for a cup of mint tea with a view.  

personally find early mornings hard but getting up for the sunrise here and strolling down to the river is really something special. Your guest house will have a delicious breakfast waiting for you when you return so you can relax and fuel up before heading off to Taroudant.

Ait-Ben-Haddou gate

An old gate just outside the town

►Browse more accommodation options in Ait-Ben-Haddou◄

Day 4 


How to Get There: 

It is paved roads all the way and they are in pretty decent shape. It’s an easy drive and will take you about 4 hours so you have time to take in the sunrise and get a good breakfast in before leaving at your leisure. Google maps will take you down the most efficient route.


Taroudant is a much less visited place than some of the more well-known sites in Morocco. This means that you get to enjoy this unique destination with far less other tourists and get bragging rights about how adventurous you are!

Having less tourists also means that locals are more chilled out and friendly than in some of the bigger cities. If you have your eye on some Moroccan souvenirs then consider holding off till you get here. 7 days in Morocco pass quickly so don’t miss out if you see something you like!

7 days in Morocco

City walls of Taroudant with the High Atlas in the background

It’ll be a much more relaxed and pleasant experience than the hard bargaining and occasional rudeness of the Marrakech vendors. If you’re really keen you can even participate in the leather making process at the tannery so you can feel extra connected to the leather goods you buy! 

Taroudant has an amazingly well preserved city wall which surrounds it and makes for great pictures. There is even one area where you can walk along the top of the wall. Another area of interest is the Palais Claudio Bravo, you can go just for a short visit or actually stay the night. The palace has beautiful gardens and great views of the mountains and surrounding farmland. 

The best thing to do in Taroudant however is just to walk the streets taking in the day to day life and finding those special spots for amazing photos of the walls and mountains in the distance. One week in Morocco will feel much longer as you stroll around and take in the country vibes.

One week in Morocco

Colourful Moroccan spices

►Browse accommodation options in Taroudant◄

Day 5 


How to Get There: 

Just jump back on the main road and continue on till you hit the coast. It’s a fairly short and easy drive of about 2 hours so don’t feel rushed to leave. Google maps may try to take you down the back roads as it calculates it to be quicker, it won’t be, just stick to the N10 all the way to the coast then it’ll turn into the N1 as you head north. 


This chilled out little town was originally a Berber fishing village but has become a top spot for surfers and backpackers. You will find surf schools all over the place as well as yoga studios and artisan shops.  

You probably wouldn’t expect to squeeze in a beach holiday with just 7 days in Morocco but there you go! That’s the beauty of this country, there is so much variety in such close proximity. This is a great place to wash off that desert dust.

Taghazout, one of the best places to visit in Morocco


If you’ve never tried surfing before you can try some lessons at the main beach and if you’re more advanced then a lot of the schools offer day trips to some of the top breaks in the area. Chill out afterwards at one of the rooftop cafes with a view of the ocean. 

In the nearby foothills of the Atlas Mountains you can take a day trip to Paradise Valley, a beautiful lush area of canyons, rivers and pools for swimming. Hiking trips can also be arranged if you’re not in the mood for relaxation, ask at your guest house. 

If you want to tick riding a camel off of the bucket list then this might be the place. Sunset camel rides along the beach can be arranged in town or booked via the following link. Imagine learning to surf and riding camels on the same day! Your friends will be amazed that you only spent one week in Morocco but had so many unique experiences.

►Browse accommodation options in Taghazout◄

Day 6 


How to Get There: 

Simply jump back on the N1 and head north for 2.5 hours. You will eventually make a turn off to the left when you get close to Essaouira but Google maps has this one covered and will take you down the correct route.  


The beautiful port city of Essaouira has a rich history, with evidence of its use as a trading post for thousands of years. For a long period this served as the main port of Morocco, with easy access to Marrakech for the moving on of goods from the desert caravan trade routes. 

The town is now somewhat of an art hub, the Galerie la Kasbah is an art gallery housed within a beautiful riad and is well worth a visit. After you’ve built up an appetite make sure to get some fresh seafood at one of the local specialty restaurants. 

essaouira in one week in morocco

Essaouira harbour

The turbulent history here can be seen in the many fortifications around the harbour, which give it a unique look as well as making for some amazing photo opportunities. Speaking of which, this is where you can hunt down the famed tree-climbing goats and snap a cheeky shot to amaze your friends. They exclusively climb the argan trees which are abundant in this area. 

If you missed out on a camel ride down the beach in Taghazout then you have another chance here. Speak to your guest house to get a recommendation for a good local company. If you have the skills and experience you can also hire kite-surfing gear at several shops as this is said to be a great location for the sport. 

The tree climbing goats

►Browse accommodation options in Essaouira◄

Day 7 

Return to Marrakech and Depart 

(Alternatively depart Essaouira) 

Your trip sadly comes to an end today. You can reach Marrakech Menara airport in about 2.5 hours but remember to leave plenty of time for returning the car. 

Essaouira actually has an international airport servicing a number of European destinations so depending on where you are flying you may be able to leave from here. Keep in mind that rental car companies often charge a one-way fee. 


One Week in Morocco – The North 

See some of the most iconic sights of Morocco, from the ancient tanneries of Fes to the rich blue streets of Chefchaouen. Experience some lesser known gems like the ancient capital of Meknes and the modern capital of Rabat. 


Bus/Train or Car 

Day 1 – Arrive in Rabat and spend the day exploring 

Day 2 – Head to the ancient capital of Meknes and check out the roman ruins of Volubilis 

Day 3 – Move on to Fes and spend the afternoon exploring the medina 

Day 4 – Spend the day further exploring Fes 

Day 5 – Travel up into the mountains to the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen 

Day 6 – A full day to find all the best spots in and around Chefchaouen 

Day 7 – Depending on where you can find the best flights you can either head back to Fes, onward to Tangier or back to Rabat 


Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of Morocco

Day 1 


How to Get There: 

Rabat-Salé international airport has connections to many cities. You can also fly in to Tangier and get a 1.5 hour train down to Rabat if the flights work out much cheaper. 


The capital of Morocco is often overlooked by travellers in favour of Marrakech or Fes, but Rabat actually has a lot to offer. Founded in the 12th century and later used as the colonial capital by the French, the mixture of architecture and culture makes for some interesting sites. Rabat also has a slower pace of life than these other cities and can be enjoyed in a more relaxed manner.

The medina of Rabat is UNESCO listed and a wander through the winding narrow streets will take you past the ancient market to the Berber-era Kasbah and Andalusian gardens. The area is filled with pretty white and blue painted houses and offers great ocean views. The gardens are beautiful and offer some great photo opportunities.

The beautiful seaside city of Rabat, Morocco

The beautiful seaside city of Rabat

Don’t miss is the medieval fortified necropolis of Chellah which is within Rabat city. The ancient city of Salé across the river also has a number of interesting sites and offers a great view back onto Rabat from the harbour.

Definitely check it out if you have spare time, with one week in Morocco you really want to hit the ground running but also don’t tire yourself out too much on the first day!

There really are a lot of things to see in Rabat so don’t rush away to Meknes on the second day but rather spend the morning seeing some more of the city. You will have 2 nights in Fes so you can arrive there a little later the following day, one full day is enough time to see the city. 

rabat streets

Pretty streets of the kasbah

►Browse accommodation options in Rabat◄

Day 2 


How to Get There: 

Car: If driving you can pick your car up in Rabat and it’s an easy 2 hour drive to Meknes. It’s good roads all the way and it’s relatively easy to navigate your way out of Rabat. Try to find a guesthouse offering parking in Meknes as this really helps to eliminate a lot of hassle and bag carrying. 

Train: There are regular trains departing Rabat for Meknes. The train will take just over 2 hours and leaves every hour, this usually doesn’t have to be booked in advance but in busy periods you should consider booking on your first day in Rabat.   


Meknes is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco and probably the least visited, the others being Marrakech, Fes and Rabat. There are a lot of historical sites here as the city was founded in the 11th century and became Morocco’s capital for a time under Sultan Moulay Ismaïl 

Whilst ruling from Meknes he fortified the city with massive walls and ornate gates and created a huge palace complex. A lot of this construction remains intact today and you can make a really good day of walking between the gates, making sure you take in the medina and some of the better preserved sections of wall. 

Meknes - One Week In Morocco

The amazing Bab Mansour Gate of Meknes

The pace of Meknes is slower than that of the other three imperial cities so it makes for a great visit between Rabat and Fes. The other thing you should consider whilst in Meknes is a visit to the roman ruins of Volubilis. While not the most extensive or intact ruins in the world, their location in the tranquil countryside is an attraction. The ruins are 40 minutes north of town on the N13.

If you’d prefer to visit a winery named after the ruins (a rare find in the largely dry country) then on the exact opposite side of town, about 25 minutes away, you will find Volubilia-Domaine de la Zouina. If you make it here then be sure to pick up a couple of bottles as it will be hard to come by on the rest of the trip.

As mentioned in the previous section, you will have a full day to explore Fes so you don’t need to rush off the following day. If you feel like you have more to see in and around Meknes then take the whole morning, it’s only a short trip to Fes. A lot of one week Morocco itineraries include this as a day trip from Fes and this is possible if you don’t wish to switch accommodation an extra time, I personally like to experience a night in different places and feel it makes the week seem longer. 

Volubilis - One Week In Morocco

The ancient Roman site of Volubilis

►Browse accommodation options in Meknes◄

Day 3 and 4 


How to Get There: 

Car: It’s about a one hour drive from Meknes to Fes. Google maps may route you down one of several routes. Keep in mind you are aiming for Fes-El-Bali, the old medina, rather than the modern city centre. The most direct route to get here is the N6.

You cannot enter the medina with vehicles but there are a number of parking areas around the outside. It is best to ask your guest house for a recommendation on the closest one, if they can’t help then search google maps for parking close to where you will stay. 

Fes market

Some amazing handicrafts in Fez

Bus/Train: The train is your best option here. It’s only a 45 minute trip and the station in Fes is within walking distance of the medina. There are regular departures at all times of the day and you should book your tickets when you arrive in Meknes as you’ll be at the station anyway. 

CTM also offers a bus between the two cities but this takes longer, is less comfortable and more difficult to book, so probably stick with the train unless you’re a die-hard fan of busses! 

Chouara Tannery - Fez Morocco

The ancient Chouara Tannery in Fes


Fes is a destination that has the ability to exceed expectations and leave you pleasantly surprised. Whilst sometimes overshadowed by Marrakech, the medina of Fes is actually a massive pedestrian only area and the lack of mopeds almost killing you makes a big difference to your enjoyment level when walking the streets! 

The winding streets and alleys of Fes are packed full of quaint little shops and there are always surprises to be found down little side streets. There are a number of beautiful mosques and madrassas to be found, including the oldest continuously operating university in the world.  

Of course the biggest draw-card is the much photographed tanneries and leather shops. The Chouara Tannery dates from the 11th century and is still in operation today. The classic views are from the rooftops of the surrounding shops and indeed this is the only way to properly see the tannery.  

Wandering the beautiful streets of Fes - One Week in Morocco

Beautiful streets of Fes-El-Bali

Shop 10 and shop 64 offer probably the best angles for photography. There is no charge to go to the rooftop but the shop attendants are very attentive and friendly so we bought a little something as a gesture. Probably save any major purchases for elsewhere however as there are mark ups at these stores, still the prices aren’t too bad if something really catches your eye. Remember to haggle! 

Your first task when arriving in Fes should be to book your bus ticket for Chefchaouen. There are limited buses so busy periods can be difficult. There is a CTM office in the main city and unfortunately you have to get a taxi there in order to buy tickets but it’s not too pricey. Even better is if you can arrange to have your guesthouse buy them for you in advance, some places offer this service for a fee. 

fes palace gate

The palace gate in Fes

►Browse accommodation options in Fes◄

Day 5 and 6 


How to Get There: 

Car: It’s a fairly solid drive of about 4 hours with a break included. If you follow google maps then the roads are decent if a little winding. As in Fes, the old town of Chefchaouen doesn’t have vehicle access so it is best to know where you are going to keep your vehicle before you leave. Some guesthouses just outside of the old town have parking which will be very convenient. 

Bus: CTM has several departure times per day from Fes. This is a busy route so it is best to visit the ticket office when you arrive in Fes and get your tickets in advance. While you are here you should also be able to arrange your onward ticket out of Chefchaouen however this can also be booked later if you wish 

The ticket office is in the main city but only a fairly short taxi ride away, if you tell the driver ‘CTM bus station’ they will know. Ask your guest house for an up to date price you should expect to pay for the taxi and negotiate this in advance. 

Restaurant in Chefchaouen

A restaurant in Chefchaouen


The ‘Blue Pearl of Morocco’ has garnered international fame in recent years due to the rise of photo sharing on social media. This beautiful city nestled away in the Rif Mountains has become a tourist hot-spot but it is for more reasons than just being blue. This will be a top highlight of your one week in Morocco I promise!

The old town of Chefchaouen has a relaxed and carefree vibe that is really disconnected from the more fast paced cities frequently visited by travellers. It’s a place where you can stroll around at your own pace, shop for unique local goods without hassle and just relax amidst the blue hues as they contrast with the rich green tones of the surrounding mountains. 

Looking for the best things to do in Chefchaouen? Here are the top 10 that you shouldn't miss!

There are not too many specific sites to visit in the town, it is rather the town itself that is the attraction. There is however a kasbah and old mosque in the town square which provides for nice views from one of the many surrounding restaurants.

One of the best things to do in Chefchaouen is a hike up to the Spanish Mosque for great views of the town nestled between the mountains. If you’re a keen hiker/walker then you can also visit the nearby Akchour waterfalls and Talassemtane National Park. 

After a day of seeking out all the best photo ops and maybe snagging a handcrafted local souvenir or two you should seek out one of the rooftop restaurants around town. These offer a great place to watch the sun set over the mountains as well as offering some of the best food I had in Morocco. 

Chefchaouen - one of the best places to visit in Morocco!

Stunning views of Chefchaouen from the Spanish Mosque

►Browse accommodation options in Chefchaouen◄

Day 7 

Return to your city of choice and depart 

Car: Tangier is the easiest port of departure, being about a 2 hour drive. Depending on where you can find the cheapest flights however you can always return to Fes in about 4 hours or back to Rabat also in about 4 hours. 

Bus: You can get busses to multiple locations from Chefchaouen. The closest is Tangier but be aware that some of the busses stop in Tetouan so the trip may be 3 hours rather than 2. Ask when you are buying tickets to confirm. You can also get CTM busses to Fes or Rabat if you wish to depart from these locations instead. 


One Week in Morocco – The East  

Witness the vast spectacle of the Sahara, the inimitable Ait-Ben-Haddou, crossing the High Atlas Mountains and the exotic Markets of Fes and Marrakech. 


(Tour and Self-Guided)

Day 1 & 2 – Arrive in Fes, find a beautiful riad and explore 

Day 3 – Organise a tour into the Sahara and the massive dunes of Merzouga 

Day 4 – Explore oasis towns and massive desert gorges 

Day 5 – Visit the stunning Kasbah of Ait-Ben-Haddou and end in Marrakech 

Day 6 & 7 – Explore the many attractions of Marrakech 

morocco desert camel


Day 1 & 2 


How to Get There:  

Fes Sais International Airport has connections to many cities around the world and frequent flights. It is also possible to get a train from other major cities in Morocco if you have been travelling elsewhere prior.


One of the imperial cities of Morocco and steeped in history, Fes is a great place to start off your one week Morocco itinerary. There are some great riads on offer here so try to find the perfect one to start your trip off right. The location you’re aiming for is in or at least close to Fes-El-Bali, which is the old medina and home to most of the attractions you have come to see.

The narrow cobbled streets of the medina are flanked by all manner of artisan stores and local eateries. The whole medina is a huge pedestrian only zone which makes it so relaxing and nice to stroll around when compared to the busy streets of Marrakech. The ancient tanneries of Fes still operate to this day producing leather which is fashioned into many types of goods, it’s a great place to pick up some absolute bargains but make sure you haggle well!

Entrance way into Fez medina

Entering the Fez medina through a majestic gate

The Chouara Tannery is the big draw-card here, one of the oldest in the world and dated back to the 11th century, this is an attraction not to be missed. To view the iconic scene you will need to ascend to the roof of one of the surrounding shops, the shops are required to allow you access to the roof and most of them are very welcoming and friendly.

They will give you a short tour and speech then leave you to it; you are not required to make a purchase but we bought something small at the end as a show of gratitude. Check out shops 10 or 64 for some of the best views.

Fes leather shop

One of the leather shops flanking the tannery

There are many other attractions to see here aside from this famous tannery. Fes was once capital of the Marinid sultanate and has some great Moorish architecture including walls, mosques, madrassas and a grand palace (of which you can only view the gate unfortunately). The oldest continuously operating university in the world is also housed within Fes-El-Bali.

If you get in fairly early on the first day and see most of the city then you can always check out some of the surrounding area on a day trip the following day. Alternatively, dig a little deeper into Moroccan culture with a cooking course or guided tour. There are a few good options below; you may see offers for a Chefchaouen day trip but it’s probably best to avoid as it’s a lot of driving in one day. You will have a long drive tomorrow so probably best to take it a little easy whilst visiting Fes.

►Browse accommodation options in Fes◄

Days 3 to 5 

The Sahara Desert  

The vast eastern desert region of Morocco can involve some lengthy and boring stretches of driving and is not the easiest place to organise buses and accommodation. Given that you only have a week in which to travel this region a tour is really the best option to squeeze in a lot of sites without exhausting yourself driving and trying to arrange accommodation. 

This awesome 3-day desert tour will take you from Fes to Marrakech with some amazing experiences in between.

The tour begins with a drive through the middle Atlas and into the amazing desert landscape surrounding Merzouga. You will get to have the absolutely magical experience of watching a desert sunset from camel back and spending the night in a nomadic style camp. If you haven’t heard of this place then just plug “Erg Chebbi” into Google images and feast your eyes.

Zagora desert camp - Morocco

Desert camp in the Sahara

The next day will take you down part of the road of 1000 Kasbahs and you will visit a desert oasis town as well as one of the most stunning gorges I have ever seen. These areas of Oasis are so beautiful and fascinating, the rivers of date palms flowing down the valleys are such a unique sight. You’ll spend the night in a desert town where you can enjoy the beautiful views with your traditional Moroccan dinner.

The spectacular Todra Gorge

The spectacular Todra Gorge

The third day you will pay a visit to the epic fortified mud fortress of Ait-Ben-Haddou and explore this ancient Kasbah with a guide. I really loved this destination and it is a shame not to be able to spend a night here however with the time constraint of one week sacrifices have to be made.  Still you will get to explore and climb the fortress as well as cross the iconic river bridges made of large stones.

10 Day Morocco Itinreary

Tea with a view, Ait-Ben-Haddou

That afternoon you will cross the Tizi-n-Tichka pass over the high Atlas, witnessing some great views and soaring mountain tops. The trip ends in Marrakech later today and I recommend booking a beautiful riad for your last couple of nights as Marrakech has some of the best! 

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Days 6 & 7 


Streets of Marrakech Colourful spices in the markets of Marrakech

The cultural heart of Morocco and probably it’s most well known destination, tourists flock to Marrakech year after year chasing a truly unique and exotic experience far removed from their everyday life. Marrakech certainly delivers on this ideal, the hectic streets of the massive and ancient medina burst with life and activity and thrust you right into the culture of Morocco.

Walking through the huge 11th century market square of Jemaa-El-Fnaa in the evening is like being transported back in time with snake charmers, magic lamp salesmen and all manner of other vendors competing for your attention. Take my advice and book a table for dinner at one of the surrounding rooftop restaurants for an amazing view over the whole market. Do be aware of pickpockets and scams in the market as unfortunately this kind of thing is fairly common.

A couple walks in front of the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech

Exploring the incredible Koutoubia Mosque of Marrakech

There are so many sites in and around Marrakech it’s hard to fit everything in. Some of the ones you shouldn’t miss are the 12th century Koutoubia Mosque, just across the street from the market square and surrounded by gardens, it’s a great place to take a break from the busy medina. Another beautiful and peaceful garden to retreat to is the Jardin Majorelle, a really impressive collection of cacti and other plants mixed in with beautiful blue buildings. It does get busy so plan to arrive early.

Marrakech also has some beautiful palaces with impressive Moorish architecture and gardens. Check out Palacio da Bahia or El Badi Palace and try to pick which one you most want to see! When you start to look at all the sites in this city you can see why people have to come back. The long day will all be worth it especially when you get to retire back to your peaceful riad to relax and unwind. For some ideas and inspiration check out the following properties:

marrakesh riad

A beautiful riad in Marrakech

At the end of your trip you can depart via Marrakech Menara Airport with loads of connections and often great prices to many international destinations. For some more inspiration and ideas for your Moroccan holiday click here. Happy Travels!

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The Ultimate One Week In Morocco - 3 Itineraries

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