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With stunning sunsets, incredible ocean views and rainbows every day, the Hawaiian island of Maui is an Instagrammer’s paradise. Whether you’re in the mood for shooting a beach, waterfall or volcano, the entire island is blessed with an endless choice of prime Instagram spots.

I recently spent a month exploring the island and discovering all of the most Instagrammable places that Maui has to offer and let me tell you, there are a lot!

Even after an entire month, I realized that I could probably spend another full month and still not see all of the best photo spots on Maui. The diverse range of landscapes makes it one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever seen.

To save yourself the time and hassle, I have put together a useful guide with an interactive map to help you easily locate Maui’s top Instagram spots. I managed to narrow this list down to 25 beautiful photography spots that you’ll want to add to your Maui itinerary for the next time you plan to visit the island!

Lahaina Pali Trail Sunset, Maui

An epic sunset on the Lahaina Pali Trail

25 Beautiful Maui Instagram Spots – The Most Scenic Locations for Photographing Maui

Map of Maui’s Best Photography Spots

Maui Instagram Spots on The Beach

It goes without saying that every beach on Maui is stunning and worthy of capturing the perfect Instagram photo. No matter which beach you end up at, you’re guaranteed to find great photography angles.

Having said that, the following beaches are home to some pretty spectacular scenery which makes them some of the most Instagrammable places on Maui. Whether it’s during the day or at sunset, be sure to include these beaches in your Maui photoshoot itinerary!

Keawakapu Beach, Maui Instagrammable Places

Keawakapu Beach

Keawakapu Beach

Located in the south end of Maui between Kihei and Wailea is this long stretch of soft sand lined with palm trees. At the north end of the beach you’ll find a green space with palm trees and volcanic rock leading into the ocean.

This picturesque spot allows you to capture the perfect Hawaiian beach scene with a backdrop of the West Maui Mountains. This beach was one of my favourites on Maui as I found myself coming back here several times during my stay.

Aside from the beautiful views, Keawakapu Beach is great for snorkelling, relaxing and catching an epic sunset.

Instagram spots on Maui - Keawakapu Beach

Instagram spots on Maui – Keawakapu Beach

Palauea Beach

A 10 minute drive south of Keawakapu Beach on the same coast will bring you to this small and secluded white sand beach. Palauea Beach (also known as White Rock Beach) is so pretty that it’s a popular spot for wedding photographers.

While the scenery is fairly similar to the previously mentioned beach, it is far less crowded with tourists. This makes it easier to take your photos here without having crowds in the background of your shot.

My favourite part of this beach is the vibrant turquoise water which adds a nice colour pop to your Instagram photo. I also came here to shoot a sunset one evening which was equally beautiful and I can highly recommend doing!

As you can see, Palauea Beach turned out to be one of my favourite Maui Instagram spots!

Palauea Beach, Maui Instagram Spots

The gorgeous Palauea Beach

Palauea Beach Sunset, Maui

Palauea Sunset

Ho’okipa Beach

As you begin the drive on the Road to Hana, one of the first stops you’ll come across is Ho’okipa Beach. Famous for its big waves, this is a popular spot to sit and watch the wind surfers from the lookout above the beach.

The other reason this beach is well-known for tourists is the huge concentration of sea turtles that can often be spotted lounging on the sand.

If you were hoping to capture the perfect beach scene with turtles and all, this is arguably the best place to see turtles in Maui. Due to the large waves and plenty of sharp rocks near the shore, this is not an ideal swimming beach.

A beach full of turtles - Hookipa Beach

A beach full of turtles – Ho’okipa Beach

Kuau Cove

This pretty little cove is tucked away in front of the famous seafood restaurant, Mama’s Fish House. Located just past Paia, this hidden gem can be easy to miss.

The clear, calm water make this a peaceful spot to take in the scenery while enjoying a relaxing swim. I came here just before sunset and found the perfect angle to shoot through the palm trees toward a beautifully lit sky.

When you first arrive here, you may think the beach is private as the parking lot is where you would park for dining at Mama’s Fish House. However, this is not the case and Kuau Cove is a public beach open to everyone.

Kuau Cove, Maui photography locations

Golden hour at Kuau Cove

Baby Beach, Paia

Just before you reach Paia, on Maui’s North Shore, this protected lagoon creates a natural pool offering ideal swimming conditions. The lovely stretch of white sand that curves around a clear, calm lagoon makes for some great photo opportunities at any given time of day.

As the name of this beach suggests, it’s a great place for young children to play in the shallow water while you relax on the soft sand. With a coral reef close to the shore, you can easily hop in for a quick snorkel.

Keep your eye out while your there, this is yet another Maui beach where turtles are frequently spotted!

Baby Beach, Paia - The Best Instagram Locations on Maui, Hawaii

Evening glow at Baby Beach, Paia

Maui Instagram Spots on Haleakala

Haleakala Highway

No visit to Maui is complete without driving to the summit of Haleakala. This huge volcano takes up a large part of the island and provides spectacular views over the rest of Maui from the top.

To reach the summit, there is only one scenic road that leads you there with plenty of zigzags and epic viewpoints on the way up. As you drive the Haleakala Highway, you’ll want to stop many times to photograph the incredible view.

You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of spots to pull over and stop for photos along the road. The weather will likely change a few times throughout your drive which gives you the chance to capture a rainbow in your Instagram photo!

Rainbow on the Haleakala Highway

Getting lucky with rainbows on the drive up to Haleakala summit

Haleakala Crater

There are few places in the world where you can pose with the backdrop of a volcano’s crater! This is made possible near the summit of Haleakala.

Once you reach the visitor centre near the volcano’s summit, you can park your car and take a walk right into the crater. The trail that leads you there is called the “Slipping Sands Trail” which is 11 miles long and takes 7 – 8 hours to complete.

If you’re just wanting to find the perfect angle for a photo, simply follow this trail for around 20 minutes to get nice and close to the crater before turning around and making your way back to the top.

Instagrammable places in Maui - Haleakala crater

Haleakala crater views

Sunset on Haleakala Summit 

Most people visiting Maui are keen to watch the sunrise or sunset from the summit of Haleakala. On my recent visit, I opted for a sunset and was very lucky to have perfect conditions!

For several reasons, I would recommend adding the sunset on Haleakala to your Maui itinerary. You can read my detailed post about why I suggest sunset over sunrise here.

Either way, you’re in for a magical experience and some incredibly unique photography opportunities. There’s really nothing like standing above the clouds while watching the sky turn vibrant shades as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, the summit of Haleakala is easily the best Instagram spot on Maui!

A beautiful Haleakala summit sunset

An epic Haleakala summit sunset

Maui Instagram Spots on The Road to Hana

Twin Falls

The Road to Hana is full of gorgeous waterfalls and Twin Falls are among the most popular to visit. Located near the beginning of the drive, these beautiful waterfalls are easily accessible with a large parking lot and a short/easy walking trail.

Most visitors to the falls are quick to leave after only stopping to see the main Twin Falls. Instead of rushing off, allow yourself a bit more time to explore the two other waterfalls that are located a little further along the trail.

The second and third falls require a bit more walking however you will be rewarded by stunning scenery and of course, two more sets of amazing waterfalls to capture.

In my opinion, the third waterfall here is the most beautiful and Instagram worthy so you definitely don’t want to miss out! Allow around 1 hour here to explore and photograph all three waterfalls.

Twin Falls Maui

Twin Falls is an awesome photography spot on the Road to Hana

Caveman Falls, Maui, Hawaii

The third waterfall at Twin Falls also known as Caveman Falls

Honomanu Bay

Just after you pass Kaumahina State Wayside Park on the Hana Highway, you will turn a corner and begin to see a striking view of the beautiful Honomanu Bay. Continue driving a bit further until you find a large space to pull over on your right hand side.

This is where you can get out of the car and admire the dramatic scenery of Honomanu Bay. This is a little known viewpoint on the Road to Hana but it turned out to be one of my favourite photography spots on Maui.

Getting to Honomanu Bay itself requires a bit more effort of driving down a rough road that leads from the main Hana Highway. That’s why I will simply recommend stopping at the lookout to appreciate the incredible view and snap the perfect Instagram photo.

Stunning view from the Honomanu Bay roadside lookout

Stunning view from the Honomanu Bay roadside lookout

Honomanu Bay, Road to Hana, Maui

Another angle near the Honomanu lookout

Keanae Peninsula 

The Keanae Peninsula sticks out from the Road to Hana and makes an excellent addition to your drive. Without adding too much driving time to your itinerary, you’ll get to see some impressive lava formations and breathtaking coastal scenery.

On this peninsula you’ll find an old Hawaiian village, a historic church, and a popular food stall selling banana bread and fruit smoothies. I spent about 15 minutes on the Keanae Peninsula taking photos and watching the big waves crash into the lava rocks.

This is an awesome place to capture the volcanic landscape with a backdrop of the lush green cliffs dropping into the ocean.

Beautiful scenery at Keanae Peninsula

Beautiful scenery at Keanae Peninsula

Keanae Peninsula, Best Instagram locations in Maui

Exploring the volcanic landscape of the Keanae Peninsula

Wailua Valley Lookout

This is yet another lookout on the Hana Highway that’s really easy to drive past if you’re not paying attention. The landscapes here are truly unique so you should really be sure not to miss it!

After you park your car, follow a set of stairs on your right to arrive at the Wailua Valley Lookout. From here you can see the lush, green valley with several tall waterfalls in the distance.

On the other side of the lookout you can gaze out over the Wailua Village toward the ocean. This stop won’t take long but it’s well worth the effort to see a combination of valley and ocean views all at once. Not to mention the amazing potential for photography here!

Wailua Valley Lookout

Wailua Valley Lookout

Upper Waikani Falls

While these waterfalls may be one of the most Instagrammable spots on the Road to Hana, they are not the easiest to access. You can see the waterfall right off the side of the Hana Highway as you drive past but there is zero space to stop the car on the narrow road.

Once you pass the falls, you’ll soon find a parking space with room for several cars on the left side of the road. Unfortunately, the only way to get there is to walk back along the (almost non-existent) shoulder with cars zooming past until you arrive back at the falls.

Trust me though, it is worth the hassle as the Upper Waikani Falls are absolutely stunning and will no doubt make an amazing addition to your Instagram feed.

Upper Waikani Falls, Road to Hana

Upper Waikani Falls

Black Sand Beach, Waiʻānapanapa State Park

It’s no surprise that the Black Sand Beach is the most famous stop on the Road to Hana which also makes it one of Maui’s most popular Instagram spots.

The contrast of black sand bordered by a vibrant green jungle makes for a magical and otherworldly scene to capture. Located within Waiʻānapanapa State Park, there are many more opportunities for photographing Maui here, such as lava caves, volcanic rock arches and blow holes.

Due to its rise in popularity, the Black Sand Beach can now only be accessed by making a reservation in advance. Yepp, that’s right. You can no longer just show up on the day and expect to get in.

Booking your visit to Waiʻānapanapa State Park can be done online from this website.

Black Sand Beach - Maui

The incredible Black Sand Beach

Red Sand Beach, Kaihalulu Beach

Similar to the Black Sand Beach, the Red Sand Beach (aka Kaihalulu Beach) also makes for an eye-catching Instagram photo but it is slightly more difficult to reach.

The Red Sand Beach is a true natural wonder that is guaranteed to perform well on the gram. With its deep red sand, turquoise ocean and lush green vegetation, this place is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Located in a hidden cove near the town of Hana, getting to the Red Sand Beach requires following a fairly dangerous trail with steep cliff-drops. Attempting this hike should only be done by those in good physical condition and wearing appropriate footwear.

To get there, drive to the end of Uakea Road and park on the street near a yellow gate. Cross the gate and walk to the other side of the field until you reach a trailhead. After following this trail for around 10 minutes, you’ll arrive at Red Sand Beach.

Due to the dangerous conditions of the trail, attempting this hike must be done at your own risk! Bringing children on this trail is not recommended.

Red Sand Beach is a popular photo spot on Maui

Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu Beach)

Waimoku Falls

I couldn’t make an Instagram guide to Maui without including the jaw-dropping Waimoku Falls. Nestled in the dense jungle within the Kipahulu region of Haleakala National Park, this one takes a little more effort to photograph.

By following the Pipiwai Trail, you will pass the beautiful Makahiku Falls and the famous bamboo forest before arriving at the spectacular Waimoku Falls. This 400-ft tall waterfall cascades over a moss-covered cliff and is said to be the largest and most impressive waterfall on Maui.

The trail is well-maintained and is 4 miles round-trip which takes around 2-3 hours to complete. You will be rewarded for your efforts once you emerge from the rainforest and get your first glimpse of this massive waterfall.

Waimoku Falls provides the ultimate backdrop for your Instagram shoot. Because of its location in the national park, you will have to pay $30 per vehicle or $15 per pedestrian to visit Waimoku Falls.

Waimoku Falls, Road to Hana, Maui

The jaw-dropping Waimoku Falls is one of the top photography spots on Maui

ʻOhe’o Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools)

You can find this popular photography spot near the Kipahulu Visitor Center on the Road to Hana. The beautiful ʻOhe’o Gulch showcases the best of the Road to Hana featuring a collection of pretty pools flowing into one another before emptying into the ocean.

At one time these pools were open for visitors to swim in but due to an increased risk of flash flooding, swimming is no longer permitted. Instead, you can follow a short and easy loop called the Kuloa Point Trail which takes you on a scenic walk passing by the famous pools.

As you take in the awe-inspiring scenery of waterfalls, natural pools and sweeping ocean views, you can learn about the people who walked these very trails hundreds of years before you.

In addition to the natural wonders that you’ll see here, this area is also home to a number of ancient Hawaiian sites. Learn about the history of this fascinating place as you pass several archaeological sites along the trail.

As mentioned above, ʻOhe’o Gulch is also located within Haleakala National Park which means entry fees apply. You can easily tie this in with your visit to Waimoku Falls as both attractions are located in the same national park.

Best Road to Hana Stops - 'O'heo Gulch

The lush ʻOheʻo Gulch – Seven Sacred Pools

West Maui Instagram Spots

Lahaina Banyan Tree

The iconic banyan tree in the seaside town of Lahaina is one of Maui’s top tourist attractions. Taking up an entire city block, this impressive tree dates back to the year 1873 when it was imported from India and planted in front of the Lahaina Courthouse.

At first glance, you may think that you’re walking past a bunch of separate trees before realizing that the trunks are all connected to one huge banyan tree!

With 16 trunks, it’s impossible to shoot the entire banyan tree in a single Instagram photo. If you set your camera to wide-angle mode, you’ll be able to capture the magnitude of the enchanting banyan tree.

Lahaina Banyan Tree

The impressive Banyan Tree of Lahaina

Lahaina Pali Trail

While the Lahaina Pali Trail may be challenging, the panoramic views over Maui and the neighbouring islands are hard to beat. I hiked a portion of this trail for sunset on my last visit to Maui and can’t recommend it enough.

The photography opportunities along this trail are endless, especially if you do the hike at sunset. In addition to the already amazing views, I was lucky to see a rainbow on the way up which made for an exceptionally epic Instagram shot!

The entire trail is 10 miles long and follows a rough, uneven rocky path for the duration of the hike. There are separate trailheads at two completely different locations which means that if you do the entire hike, you’ll have to take two cars and park at either end.

I would recommend starting the trail at the eastern entrance (Maalaea), hiking up to the wind turbines and then returning to where you started from. This should take around 3 hours to complete, don’t forget a head torch if you’re doing a sunset hike!

Proper hiking boots and sunscreen is essential here as there is no shade. For more details about planning your hike, check out the AllTrails website.

Maui Rainbow Instagram Spots

Hiking under a rainbow on the Lahaina Pali Trail

Baby Beach, Lahaina

Soft sand and crystal clear water topped off with a perfect row of palm trees, need I say more? This Instagrammable beach is worthy of spending a chilled out day at if you’re planning to stop in Lahaina.

After doing a whale watching tour in the morning, I spent a few relaxed hours at this beautiful beach. Thanks to the calm, wave-free water at Baby Beach, this is a great spot for families with young kids.

The shallow water is also home to sea turtles and lots of fish which is perfect for beginner snorkellers or children learning to snorkel for the first time.

Baby Beach Lahaina, Maui Instagram Spots

The Instagrammable Baby Beach in Lahaina

Lahaina Whale Watching Tour

Is your trip to Maui complete if you didn’t do a whale watching tour? This may be one of the most touristy activities on the island but it is definitely worth it!

Being able to get up close to the majestic humpback whales is an experience that should be on everyone’s Maui bucket list. I would recommend avoiding the large boats and doing a small-group tour which gives you a better whale watching experience.

Booking a small raft tour ensures you’ll get nice and close to the whales which results in a better chance to take awesome photos. Most of the whale watching tours depart from the Lahaina Harbour, click here to view the small group rafting tour that I recommend.

Whale Watching in Maui is great for photography

I saw so many whales on the early morning whale watching tour!

Upcountry Maui Instagram Spots

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

I bet you didn’t expect to find a lavender farm in Hawaii! The Ali’i Kula Lavender field sits at an elevation of 4,000 ft on the side of Haleakala boasting sweeping panoramic views over the rest of the island.

This is a fantastic place to spend a few hours walking through their botanical garden and taking in the amazing views. The lavender blooms from June – August so if you’re hoping to get a shot strolling through rows of purple flowers, you’ll have to time your visit for summer.

While I visited in January and didn’t get to see the lavender, there were loads of other colourful flowers blooming and the views alone were worth the $3 entry! Find more info about opening hours and planning your visit here.

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm - Maui Instagram Spots

Incredible scenery for the perfect Instagram shot

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

Exploring the botanical garden at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm


Once you finish up at the lavender farm, follow the Kula Highway south for about 20 minutes until you end up at MauiWine. Set within a historic building, this beautiful winery has been producing wine since 1974.

I would recommend sitting on their outdoor patio and ordering a flight of wine to get a sample of the different varieties. There is a light snacking menu featuring cheese, olives and crackers to accompany your wine tasting.

The scenery and historic buildings around the property are picturesque and make for some lovely Instagram photos. Before you go, you may want to book a reservation online because wait times can be long when it’s busy.

Maui Wine - Instagram locations Maui

Wine tasting at MauiWine

Pairing wine with some snacks

Maui Honey Bee Sanctuary

Driving south for 5 minutes from MauiWine will bring you to the Maui Honey Bee Sanctuary. Stop for the locally-made honey and stay for the epic views.

This hidden gem can be easy to miss as it’s only a small roadside stand selling honey, coffee and other bee products. After doing a wine tasting I stopped here to try some of the delicious honey that they produce on-site.

If you’re interested, you can also take a guided tour of the bee sanctuary and learn about the honey making process.

The other bonus about this place is the incredible view that overlooks Kahoolawe Island. This is a stunning Maui Instagram spot that I wasn’t expecting to find but glad I stumbled on it!

Instagrammable spots in Maui

Panoramic view at the Honey Bee Sanctuary


The historic surfing town of Paia provides a vibrant setting to add a nice splash of colour on your Instagram feed. You can really feel the laidback hippy vibes here as you leisurely stroll the streets.

There are loads of potential photography angles around town but the most well-known is the rainbow surfboard fence. Head over to Aloha Surf Hostel on Baldwin Ave to capture your own version of the colourful surfboard photo.

While most tourists rush through Paia en route to drive the Road to Hana, I would recommend taking some time to stop and explore the town. Wander along the main street, admiring the Insta-worthy storefronts and browsing some of the boutique shops.

Pop into a local cafe to grab a coffee or head over to Tobi’s Poke & Shave Ice to see what the hype’s all about. Oh and don’t forget to have lunch or dinner at the iconic Paia Fish Market!

Maui Instagram Spots

Rainbow surfboards of Paia

Where to Stay on Maui

Where you choose to stay on the island depends on how you’re planning to spend your vacation. Below is a brief overview of each region of Maui and what it’s best known for.

South Maui – Kihei and Wailea are the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Maui thanks to the warm and sunny weather, plenty of hotels and self-contained villas, beautiful beaches and great dining choices.

Browse hotels in Kihei

Browse hotels in Wailea

West Maui – Another great option for those seeking a resort style holiday with nice beaches to relax on. Staying in Lahaina or Ka’anapali will provide you with great oceanfront dining options and give you easy access to whale watching/snorkelling tours.

Browse hotels in Lahaina

Browse hotels in Ka’anapali

Instagram Spots on Maui

Pink skies in paradise

East + North Maui – Staying in these areas is ideal if you’re planning to drive the Road to Hana or visit the North Shore beaches. This part of the island gets significantly more wind and rain so spending a few days here is all you need to explore the area.

Browse hotels in Paia

Browse hotels in Hana

Upcountry – This is one of the least popular places to stay on Maui as there are fewer accommodation choices and it puts you quite far from the best beaches on the island.

However the options that are available are unique and it’s far less touristy than Kihei or Wailea. If you’re looking to be close to Haleakala for a sunrise or sunset mission, then you might consider staying in this area for a few nights.

Browse hotels in Kula

Black Sand Beach Cave

There are many cool photography angles to discover at Black Sand Beach

Best Travel Insurance for Hawaii

If you’re visiting Maui from overseas, then you’ll need to get travel insurance.

Travelling to any country without insurance is not worth the risk. The reality of travelling overseas is that unexpected things can happen at anytime so the best thing you can do is be prepared.

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Instagrammable places on Maui - Palm tree sunset Don’t Miss These Popular Maui Attractions

These are the activities that can’t be missed on your next trip to Maui!


Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Instagram Spots on Maui

I hope this guide has given you some inspiration when it comes to hunting for the perfect Instagram spots on Maui. Obviously there are many more great photography locations to be discovered on this idyllic island.

These spots are simply a few of my favourites from the month I spent exploring Maui. I can’t wait to return again soon to uncover more of the island’s prettiest corners and hidden gems.

Before you go, be sure to read my five day Maui itinerary to help you plan your perfect Hawaiian escape!

Lahaina Harbor, Maui

Lahaina Harbor

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