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Victoria is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Australia. There is something almost mystical about the best waterfalls, in the way that they can evoke a deep inner sense of wonder and joy. Below you will find the best waterfalls in Victoria, grouped by area and with useful information to assist in your visit.

The picturesque rainforests and dramatic mountain ranges of this state provide an amazing backdrop to the falls. Many areas in this list have a lot to offer so we have included some must-see nearby attractions. Bring some camping gear or book a stay to make a perfect weekend trip from Melbourne.

For those in a rush, click the following link to skip to our pick of the 5 best waterfalls in Victoria. If you don’t have time to travel far from home then check out a quick list of all the waterfalls near Melbourne.

mackenzie falls victoria

Grampians NP has some of the best waterfalls and hikes in Victoria

The Best Waterfalls in Victoria

The falls are not listed in any particular order but are rather grouped by area. Great waterfalls tend to be near each other and in locations with loads of other stuff to do.

Below you will find an introduction to each area and some suggestions on great places to base yourself when visiting the falls. There is also a brief list of other attractions in the area to help you plan an amazing getaway.

Grampians National Park

This national park, commonly shortened to ‘The Grampians’, is a great place to spend a couple of days hiking. It is one of the highlights of a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide and indeed of the entire loop around Australia.


Grampians National Park is located in the west of Victoria. The town of Halls Gap is the hub of the park and is 250km (3 hours drive) from Melbourne. The first 2 falls are within 25 minutes drive of Halls Gap but the latter 2 are about 1.5 hours away, outside the national park.

Where to Stay

The Grampians is perfect for a short getaway from the city. There is a lot to see and do here so consider spending 2 or 3 nights.

Accommodation: Halls Gap Log Cabins – Wood fires, spa baths and those perfect cabin vibes.

Camping: Smiths Mill Campground – This campground is located right near MacKenzie Falls so you can stay till sunset.

Caravans: BIG4 NRMA Halls Gap Holiday Park – Situated right in town with all the convenience and amenities.

Other Attractions

  • The Balconies Lookout
  • Boroka Lookout
  • Pinnacle Lookout / Hike
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Mount William
  • Billimina Shelter

MacKenzie Falls

the best waterfalls in victoria

MacKenzie Falls is definitely one of the best waterfalls in Victoria

MacKenzie Falls is one of those really special ones that stays in your memory. The year round flow is a huge bonus as you can visit even in the summer months.

There are two lookouts at the top of the falls and a trail down to the base. Be prepared for a strenuous trail to the base; at 2km return and with 260 steps, it makes for a solid workout. It is well worth it however as the base area is a nice open spot.

You can view the falls from many angles, including the awesome rock-bridge seen above. You can get close enough to feel the power of the water as it hits the pretty rock pool below however swimming is unfortunately not allowed.

Keen hikers can tackle the 7km return ‘MacKenzie River Walk’. This trail follows the river through the gorge, passing through forest and by another waterfall, ‘Fish Falls’. It is 4km return if you turn around at this other waterfall.


MacKenzie Falls flows year-round with good volume.


There are two walks that are wheelchair friendly. The Broken Falls Walk is a 500m trail to a lookout that has great gorge views but only the upper sections of the falls are visible. The longer McKenzie Falls Lookout Walk is 1.9km return and is a gentle winding trail through forest that leads to a great lookout over the falls.

The base of the falls walk is not recommended for those with poor mobility or fitness level.

Silverband Falls

silverband falls

See if you can spot what’s odd about this fall

This is not a big showy waterfall with a deafening torrent crashing down in free-fall. It’s beauty rather lies in it’s uniqueness. Did you pick it from the picture above? Rather than falling into a pool of water or creek-bed like most falls, this one disappears into the rocks.

The water actually follows an underground channel from here and re-appears about 50m away. The waterfall gets it’s name from the striking contrast between the dark rocks and the band of falling water.

Access to the falls is via an easy 1.8km return trail from the carpark. It will take you about 30 minutes and is a pleasant walk through forest. In Spring there is an abundance of wildflowers in this area.


Silverband Falls is best viewed in season or after significant rainfall.


The trail is not suitable for wheelchairs. The trail is however easy enough for any ability of walkers.

Wannon Falls

Wannon falls after rains

Wannon Falls is one of two located near the town of Hamilton. As mentioned above it is classified as the Grampians region however is about 1.5 hours drive from the national park. There is a large carpark and there are BBQs and toilets available.

The viewing platform is only a couple of minutes easy walking from the carpark, making this one of the most accessible waterfalls. The fall itself plunges from a rocky overhang into a roughly pit in the landscape. After really heavy rains the mist rising from this pit makes for an amazing spectacle.

The surrounding scenery is of grassy rolling hills and light bush. It makes a change from the dense forest of many other falls and means you can walk round the area and find some unique angles.


Wannon Falls flows year round but is best viewed in season.


The trail is suitable for wheelchairs and any level of walker.

Great Otway National Park

This amazing national park is a true gem of Victoria. The park encompasses mountainous landscapes, spectacular coastline and pristine cool temperate rainforest.

Trekking through this dense, fern-lined rainforest is a highlight in itself. What’s even better is finding several of the best waterfalls in Victoria hidden amongst it.


The falls are all located about 200km from Melbourne, about 2hr 45min by car. This is the inland route but you can follow the Great Ocean Road at the cost of additional distance. This route will also take you along ‘Turtons Track’ which is a very narrow and winding mountain road, so be careful!

There’s a further option if you really want to do the coastal route but avoid the most dicey roads. Follow the Great Ocean Road to ‘Lavers Hill’ then turn back east along ‘Colac-Lavers Hill Road’. This will be about 255km or 4 hours by car.

Where to Stay

The Otways are a true highlight of Victoria and the wider country in general. Try to make it at least a weekend getaway to properly explore this amazing place.

Accommodation: The Boomerangs at Johanna – This is one of the closest spots to the falls and you also get to be near the fabulous Johanna Beach. An added bonus is that you can easily access the 12 Apostles from here for some beautiful sunrise shots.

Camping: Beauchamp Falls Reserve – Stay right near one of the falls! There are 6 sites here with drop toilets and firepits. The sites are gravel but there is a separate grass area people use for tents.

Caravans: Otways Tourist Park – This is the closest park to the falls and conveniently located along the inland route. There are many more options in Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road, however there will be a longer drive to reach the falls.

Other Attractions

  • Otway Fly Treetop Adventures – A treetop walking platform and ziplining
  • The Redwoods – An old plantation of beautiful Sequoia trees
  • Cape Otway Lightstation – A historical lighthouse with amazing coastal views
  • Wildlife Walk with a conservationist from Wildlife Wonders Sanctuary
  • Johanna Beach – A wild and beautiful beach that offers camping
  • 12 Apostles – This iconic image of the Great Ocean Road is only a short drive from the falls!

Beauchamp Falls

best waterfalls in victoria - beauchamp

You can camp right near Beauchamp Falls

It is a little difficult to access Beauchamp Falls as you must navigate some winding logging roads across some mountainous terrain. It is not suitable for caravans or large RVs but you don’t need a 4WD.

There is a parking lot and camping ground at the trailhead with drop toilets and picnic tables. There are 6 vehicle bays for camping and a grassy area to set up tents.

The fall itself is accessed via a 3km return trail that starts from the carpark. It is downhill all the way so be prepared to hike uphill on the way back! The walk on it’s own is a real attraction, with large mountain ash trees and countless ferns lining the trail.

The spectacular rainforest gives way to a small copse where the fall tumbles around 20 metres into a rocky pool. The ragged, moss covered wall that the fall tumbles down makes for great variations in the water flow. This is one of the best waterfalls in Victoria for photographers.


Beauchamp Falls flows year round.


The trail is unsealed and considered moderately difficult. Not suitable for wheelchairs or poor mobility.

Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls in Otway National Park

This fall is found along the road that runs past the Otway Fly Treetop Adventures. The last section is unsealed but in good condition and there is a large parking lot at the end.

There are toilets and a really nice picnic area at the trailhead which makes a great lunch stop. The trail runs in a loop and is about 2km in length. This is a beautiful rainforest walk with sections of metal walkway and some well built lookouts.

The fall is named after the 3 separate cascades that tumble down a rocky outcropping. It’s pretty much impossible to capture all 3 on camera due to the angle from the lookout and the dense forest. This means that this is one you really have to visit in person to see properly!

Make sure to check out the Otway Fly Treetop Walk while you are in the area. The top down perspective on the rainforest is really cool and both kids and adults will love the ziplining.


Triplet Falls flows year round.


The trail is mostly unsealed and considered moderately difficult. Not suitable for wheelchairs or poor mobility.

Hopetoun Falls

hopetoun falls

This is possibly the best fall in the area

Hopetoun Falls is not far from Beauchamp and can easily be seen in one go. There is a sealed road most of the way however it turns to gravel the last 4.8km.

This is possibly the most impressive waterfall in the area however it doesn’t have the same beautiful rainforest walk as the others. There is a platform at the top which is right near the carpark however this only gives a partial view of the falls.

For the best view you will have to descend around 200 stairs to the viewing platform at the base. This is a beautiful spot and worth the climb as you stand right over the tranquil bubbling flow of the creek.

This is also located right near the Redwoods, which is a super cool bonus experience in this area. This plantation of Sequoia trees (or American Redwoods) makes for a beautiful walk and photographs.


Triplet Falls flows year round.


The top lookout can be accessed by everyone. The base of the falls is ~200 steep steps and considered difficult.


This area is technically still part of Great Otway National Park but the following falls are quite far away from the ones above. They are most easily accessed from the town of Lorne and it is simpler to group them under this heading.

This is a beautiful spot for a beachside getaway with the added bonus of some of Victoria’s best waterfalls! There are several other falls in the area that didn’t make it on this list as well as some great forest hikes.


Lorne is located 141km from Melbourne, about 2 hours by car. The route follows the Great Ocean Road for part of it’s length so is super enjoyable to drive.

The trailhead for both falls is within a 10-15 minute drive from Lorne.

Where to Stay

Lorne is a great place for a short break from Melbourne. Consider spending a weekend to relax and recharge, all while seeing some of the best waterfalls in Victoria!

Accommodation: Cumberland Lorne Resort – Treat yourself to some amazing beachfront relaxation.

Camping: Big Hill Campground – There are both tent and vehicle sites here however caravans will not fit. There are drop toilets and fire pits.

Caravans: BIG4 Aireys Inlet – You’re best off staying here as the caravan parks in Lorne have consistent bad reviews. It’s about 20 minutes from Lorne.

Other Attractions

  • Live Wire Park – A treetop adventure park
  • Lorne Beach
  • Teddy’s Lookout – A great viewpoint over the Great Ocean Road
  • Blanket Leaf Picnic Area – A beautiful spot for lunch amidst huge trees
  • Forest Hiking Trails – There are some great trails that will take you past many different falls
  • Other Waterfalls – There are more falls here that are still nice to visit just not quite as special (Sheoak, Henderson and Phantom).

Erskine Falls

best waterfalls in victoria - erskine

Erskine Falls is amazing

Whilst beauty may be subjective, I think you’ll agree that Erskine is one fantastic waterfall. This was my favourite fall in Victoria for several reasons.

The fall itself is stunning, tumbling down multiple rock ledges from a height of close to 40m. It is buried deep down in a forest gully and looking up at the tall trees growing above the fall gives an incredible sense of perspective.

Another reason this fall is so great is that the viewing platform has been constructed in the perfect position. Some falls are awkward to see from the official platforms, but this one gives you a view right between the trees.

The trail is a steep one and consists of around 240 steps. They offer pretty good footing so most people can make the trip, just take it easy on the way back up.


Erskine Falls flows year round.


The top lookout is right near the carpark but has a few steps, so not suitable for wheelchairs. The base of the falls is ~240 steep steps and considered difficult.

Kalimna Falls

kalimna falls

Kalimna Falls is worth the hike

*Make sure to enter ‘Sheoak Falls Picnic Area’ into your GPS and not Kalimna Falls*

Kalimna Falls takes a fair amount of effort to reach but you won’t regret it. The hike starts from the Sheoak Falls picnic area so you can visit some other falls in the area as well.

The hike is 8.2km return with 237m elevation gain. This is considered a moderate hike but will be difficult for those not used to hiking. The fall does not have a particularly impressive flow but what is special is the location.

A large cave curves around the fall allowing you to get behind the water. Getting behind a waterfall is always a special experience and dunking your head in the water is great after a long hike!

The pool and rock face forms a roughly circular area between the trees and feels like a little hidden wonderland.


Kalimna Falls generally flows year round but is best after some rain


The hiking trail is well marked and maintained however is uneven and steep in parts. It is considered moderate. No wheelchair access.


The town of Warrnambool is located at the western terminus of the Great Ocean Road. There is a lot to do here and it is one of the stops on the epic Melbourne to Adelaide Road Trip.

There is only one fall in this area however if you are out hunting waterfalls it should be on your list. You can do an amazing loop past a tonne of the best waterfalls in Victoria by driving along the Great Ocean Road to Warrnambool, then heading north through the Grampians and back to Melbourne via Ballarat.


Warrnambool is located 257km from Melbourne, about 3 hours by car along the fastest route. If driving via the Great Ocean Road it will be 344km.

The falls are about 15 minutes from the centre of town.

Where to Stay

Warrnambool is a little too far for a day trip from Melbourne. Check out the great accommodation options and other attractions below to plan a fun weekend adventure!

Accommodation: Best Western Olde Maritime Motor Inn – A cozy place and great value. Located in the best area to access the main attractions in Warrnambool.

Camping: Panmure Campground – A well maintained free camp with flushing toilets. Only 8 minutes from the falls!

Caravans: Surfside Holiday Park – A huge park with great amenities. Located in the best area of town.

Other Attractions

Hopkins Falls

Hopkins Falls is really unique

The most amazing way to round off a trip down the Great Ocean Road is a visit to this unique waterfall. While most waterfalls are famed for being tall, this one is long. At 90 metres long it is very impressive to see, especially after significant rains.

Located just 15 minutes out of Warrnambool, it is super easy to see while visiting the city. There is a large parking lot and an area with toilets and BBQs so it’s perfect for a picnic lunch.

There are two lookouts at the falls; the upper one is basically right next to the parking lot and the lower one is about 5 minutes walk down a set of stairs.

To get the full effect of the water flowing down the whole 90m length you will need to visit during the wetter seasons.


Hopkins Falls is best viewed in the wetter seasons


The top lookout is accessible to wheelchairs and those with poor mobility. The lower lookout involves some stairs but is an easy walk.

Central Highlands

The following two falls are within the central highlands region of Victoria. They can easily be done as a day trip from Melbourne as both are a little over an hour from the city.

A great way to see them and a lot of other highlights is to drive a loop from Melbourne via Ballarat, Daylesford and Mount Macedon. You can make it a weekend adventure by spending the night around the halfway point in Daylesford.


Lal Lal Falls is 117km / 1.5 hours from Melbourne. It’s closest major town is Ballarat, 25 minutes away.

Trentham Falls is 94km / 1hr 17mins from Melbourne. It’s closest major town is Daylesford, 20 minutes away.

Where to Stay

The best way to see these falls is in a 2 day trip from Melbourne. Stay a night near Daylesford and you’ll have time to take in all the other great attractions in the area.

Accommodation: Albert Guest House and Mills Spa Suites – Daylesford is a spa town so pick a cozy place to stay and go get pampered!

Camping: Mt Franklin Reserve – A beautiful free campsite with toilets a short drive from Daylesford.

Caravans: Daylesford Holiday Park – High quality park with nice large trees and good sized sites.

Other Attractions

  • Sovereign Hill Historical Park – A historical town and goldmine recreated for visitors. An award winning attraction.
  • Ballarat Wildlife Park – See loads of native animals and reptiles with hands-on experiences
  • Kryal Castle – A medieval theme park that is loads of fun for the whole family
  • Mineral Spas – Daylesford is awash with luxurious spas utilising the rich mineral waters of the area
  • Sanatorium Lake Nature Walk – A beautiful walking trail in Mount Macedon
  • Forest Glade Gardens – A very nice private garden with several themes
  • Wineries – Mount Macedon has several highly rated cellar doors

Lal Lal Falls

Lal Lal falls at sunset

This waterfall is located just 25 minutes outside of Ballarat and is a great place to spend half a day. It is also only 1.5 hours from Melbourne so you can easily day trip to see this fall as well as other highlights around Ballarat.

The fall is located in a great little reserve that has a playground, toilets and BBQ/picnic table. There is a nice 5.6km return walk that will take you through the reserve and to two other smaller waterfalls.

From the carpark it is a short and easy walk to the viewing platform. This offers a fantastic perspective down the small canyon to the falls at it’s head.


Lal Lal Falls flows year round but is best viewed in the wetter seasons or after rain


The lookout is accessible to wheelchairs and those with poor mobility.

Trentham Falls

Trentham Falls is amazing in full flow

The impressive Trentham Falls is easily one of the best waterfalls in Victoria. As a bonus it is also only a little over an hour from Melbourne. The fall is just outside the rural town of Trentham, but the nearest major town is Daylesford.

Trentham still has several nice cafes and restaurants that make a great lunch stop if you are day-tripping from Melbourne. The falls are located in the Coliban River Scenic Reserve which provides a beautiful backdrop.

This is a really impressive fall when in full flow, with the water crashing 32m down in a single drop. The sound and spray when it has a strong flow evokes a surreal sense of the power of nature. The viewpoint is accessed on an easy 20 minute return trail however there are some stairs.

If visiting Trentham Falls from Melbourne make sure to plot a route via Mount Macedon. See the list of additional attractions above for some of the highlights you can see in that area.


Trentham Falls flows year round but is amazing after rain


The lookout is accessible to all levels of walker but unfortunately not to wheelchairs due to stairs.


Marysville is a town in the Yarra Valley, a region to the north-east of Melbourne. It is easily accessible from the city and packed with amazing attractions. There is a top wine region near here as well as mountain sports, art galleries and several other highlights.

There is only one fall in this area that could be considered among the best waterfalls in Victoria however there are a number of others still worth visiting. This is one spot that is definitely worth spending some time.


Marysville is around 100km from Melbourne, 1hr 45min by car.

The falls are just 15mins from the centre of town.

Where to Stay

Accommodation: Kerami Manor & Day Spa – Turn your trip to the falls into a proper mountain retreat. This is the perfect place to return to after a day of mountain hikes and waterfall hunting.

Camping: Andersons Mill Camp Ground – A great little free camp in the forest with drop toilets. It is down a gravel road and the sites are not suitable for large RVs or caravans.

Caravans: Marysville Holiday Park – There’s only the one caravan park in town but it’s a good one. Located amongst beautiful natural surrounds and with the Steavenson River flowing past it.

Other Attractions

  • Bruno’s Art and Sculpture Garden – I had to put this at the top as we absolutely loved our visit and stayed for hours.
  • Gould Memorial Drive – A stretch of road lined by Poplar trees that turn amazing colours in Autumn.
  • Lake Mountain Alpine Resort – Skiing, sledding, hiking and mountain biking; there’s something for all seasons.
  • Other waterfalls – There are several other falls here; Keppel, Cumberland, Phantom and Evelyn Falls.
  • Hiking – There are many amazing hikes through the mountains and forest in this area.
  • Wine – The Yarra Valley wine region has many fantastic cellar doors to visit.

Steavenson Falls

Steavenson Falls is one of many great attractions near Marysville

This popular waterfall is located in the forested hills just outside Marysville. The long cascade descends around 84m down the rock face, the last 25m of which is a single drop.

To get there you can either drive 3km (parking is $3 at the falls) or walk the very scenic 3.4km Tree Fern Gully Trail. From the carpark it is about a 10min walk to the viewing platforms.

To see the full extent of the fall, which is well worth it, you need to climb an additional 15 minutes or so to the top. This is the only spot where you can see the full 84m of cascading falls.

For a special experience, check out the falls after sunset. They are floodlit from dusk until midnight which makes for a really unique view. There are toilets and picnic tables in the area.


Steavenson Falls flows year round.


One lookout is accessible to wheelchairs. The lower lookouts are both a very easy walk suitable to any level.

Alpine National Park

The Alpine National Park covers a large area of the mountainous north-east of Victoria. This area is full of high peaks, deep valleys and beautiful forests.

In a nutshell, it’s the perfect place to go hunting for some of Victoria’s best waterfalls. If you are planning a road trip down the Great Alpine Road then make sure to add these falls to your stops.


Eurobin Falls are 324km from Melbourne, about 3.5 hours by car. The nearest major town is Bright, about 15min from the falls.

Fainter Falls are 372km from Melbourne, about 4.5 hours by car. The nearest major town is Bright, about 53 minutes from the falls.

Where to Stay

The town of Bright is a common stop on the Great Alpine Road and a good place to base yourself when exploring the area.

Accommodation: Merrimeet Cottages – The alpine and beautiful cottages go hand in hand. These perfect cottages feature wood fires and gorgeous forest surrounds.

Camping: Lake Catani Campground – This fantastic paid campground is located in Mount Buffalo NP and has toilets/showers.

Caravans: There are 5 holiday parks in Bright and all are highly rated; you can’t go wrong here!

Other Attractions

Eurobin Falls

Upper Eurobin Creek Waterfalls

Located just a short detour off the Great Alpine Road, Eurobin Falls is a great place to visit while exploring Mount Buffalo National Park. You will easily see signs for the trail from the main road into Mount Buffalo.

From the small carpark it is a 1.3km return hike to the Upper Eurobin Falls. This waterfall has an upper and lower section and you have to see both to make the most of it. There are some steeper parts but in general the walk is considered easy.

The upper section is the best part and after rains it has the appearance of a giant waterslide. On the walk in you will also pass Ladies Bath Falls. This is a small waterfall but there is a swimming hole here that makes for a very refreshing dip!


Eurobin Falls flows year round but is best seen in season or after rain.


The walking track is 1.3km return and is considered easy. It is not accessible to wheelchairs.

Fainter Falls

Fainter Falls in it’s lush forest surrounds

You have to take a bit of a detour off the Great Alpine Road to reach this fall but who can say no to more beautiful alpine scenery? Turn left towards Mount Beauty and 40km will take you to this fall near the small community of Bogong.

There is a carpark right off the highway and then a 1.8km hike will take you to the furthest of 3 lookouts. This fall is deep in nature and the amazing forest surrounds are sure to impress.

The walk takes you along the tranquil rocky creek that runs from the base of the falls. As mentioned there are three separate lookouts and the walk is fairly easy. The last lookout is up some stairs but these should be manageable for most people.


Fainter Falls flows year round.


The walking track is 1.8km return and is considered easy. It is not accessible to wheelchairs.

Top 5 Best Waterfalls in Victoria

Do you just want a quick answer to “What are the best waterfalls in Victoria?” If so then here is our (purely subjective) list of the 5 best waterfalls in Victoria!

  1. MacKenzie Falls
  2. Erskine Falls
  3. Steavenson Falls
  4. Trentham Falls
  5. Hopetoun Falls
best waterfalls in victoria - hopetoun falls

Hopetoun Falls with some nice framing

Waterfalls Near Melbourne

This is another shortcut list for those who don’t want to stray too far from Melbourne. Below you’ll find all of the waterfalls near Melbourne (within around an hour’s drive).

Some of these you’ll even find above, included on the list of the best waterfalls in Victoria! There are listed at the top with links to the relevant sections above.

  • Lal Lal Falls
  • Trentham Falls
  • Sherbrooke Falls
  • Stanley Park Falls
  • Olinda Falls
  • Revells Falls
  • Masons Falls
  • Wombelano Falls
  • Moorabool Falls
  • Sailors Falls
  • Toorongo Falls

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